Maleficent . Is magnificent. Hazeeq’s first movie.

Maleficent: I was so lost in hatred and revenge.

You stole what was left of my heart.

I had my concerns at first regarding bringing Hazeeq to the movies. I worry that the decibels would be too much for his tympanic membranes.. but surely the cinema and Disney have had it all figured out if they were to produce a childrens movie. Right?! [self-reassuring mode]

I fell in love with Angelina the Goodwill UN Ambassador rather than Angelina the actress.

I fell in love with Angelina , the mother of her many children than her being an actress.

Still, I loved her acting to bits! I actually longed to see her high cheekbones throughout every scene and of course waited impatiently for the scene where she interacted with her daughter, Vivienne.



Mr Husband booked the morning tickets. Kind of like near Hazeeq afternoon nap time. We were hoping that if say, he hates the movie.. he ‘d still be sleepy and doze off throughout the 90 mins.

2014 blog2-001

Well.. surprise! surprise! Hazeeq behaved very well. He did not fidget or jump on the seats. Hugging his little cow tight, ‘they’ ate popcorn together. I sneaked in a sausage puff for him to eat as well. He was very attentive to every scene and was also delighted of scenes showing ‘kakak’ or ‘baby’. What a blessing.

About the movie itself.

I’ve read of Sleeping Beauty but honestly I never knew her name was Aurora and the evil witch was Maleficent until recent years. It was like, ‘How come I missed that part?’. Maleficent reminded me a lot about the anime, Naruto. Of which the viewers are always reminded that the villains were never evil to begin with. People are not born vicious. The surrounding individuals, circumstances and environment that they grew up in become factors that influences them to become who they are as an adult. The same principles apparently applies to Maleficent. She had a heart of gold and wings as strong as a hurricane but it got stolen from her out of the act of greed.

At the end of the day, Love Trumps Evil. And everybody gets to live happily ever after. I love happy endings.



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