I missed breakfast.. then crap happens

Any health instructor, nutritionist or physical trainer would tell you to :

  1. Not miss breakfast
  2. To eat breakfast within one hour of waking up from sleep to set the metabolism rate for the day

I broke both rules. I had a late breakfast at the cafe and my calorie consumption of the day was erratic. Its as though all the rice in the world wants to jump into my mouth and dive into the sea of the stomach to be digested by acid. Can you imagine? Nasi goreng for breakfast and then nasi dagang for lunch? Of which I actually finished ALL the rice?


Crappy eating did not stop there. I consumed a sweet can drink on my way home followed by a glass of hot, creamy chocolate drink and a bowl of Nata de Coco. Oh gosh.. I might as well call today my cheat day.

I rarely miss breakfast. At home, a simple breakfast would be slices of toast with butter or peanut butter. Sometimes sandwiches with fillings. On a rajin day, I’d defrost burger or hotdog to be fried the next morning. Occasionally I’d be really enthusiastic in breakfast making and will cook up a full English breakfast with eggs, bake beans and potato hash. A pancake or lempeng at most but these are reserved for weekend menus. And on malas days?

“abang.. beli roti canai please..”


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