Sparkle Run Melaka 2020 – a rare weekend activity

The announcement for this event came out very early. At the time I was contemplating on joining or otherwise. There are a few factors that I have to take into consideration whenever I choose to participate in a weekend activity.

  • Kids friendly or otherwise
  • Duration of programme
  • Venue of programme
  • Husbands schedule

If I had to attend a formal course on a weekend – then that is without a doubt, a must go. No question. No need to discuss. But when it comes to something of choice – I need to deliberate.

On Saturdays, my husband works in the clinic for at least half a day. On top of the weekday locum slots he is assigned to. He needs to fulfill his percentage of clinical work since he is most of the time doing a non clinical form of job.

On Sundays, or Saturday sometimes , he has to give community talks, organize gotong royong in a taman affected by dengue fever (which the residents don’t attend anyway) and god knows what other stuff involving handshaking the higher official menteri and such.

In a way, my Me Time or weekend activities need to also consider the above. His timetable. Safe bet is, I plan my stuff and inform him way in advance before he arranges his schedule. With frequent reminders hereafter so he wouldn’t forget through shared digital calendars, physical calendars, watsapp notification and verbal ones via the kids. Ha ha ha.

Sometimes he still forgets. Like my bellydancing session in Bangi. He made me cancel. I said No. He had to rope in his parents to help and we were grumpy towards each other the whole weekend.

Sparkle Run Melaka 2020

This run was announced many months earlier. I was thrilled for I could plan ahead. This is my first run so I am not quite sure what to expect but reading from other peoples experience of other runs – it should be a short run. Indeed it was. We came for the 0830am flag off and noted that those who went for the 0700am flag off has safely received their medal and on their way home.

The run venue was near to home, so it’s a plus point.

It was stated kids friendly but from the email, it discouraged bringing kids less than 2 years old. So I didn’t bring Ninie. On that day however, I saw other runners bringing their kids in strollers. Dayum.. I could have done the same.

My 5km run with Ee was done in 43minutes. We were pleased with ourselves and will consider joining other runs later. If it fits my weekend activity criteria.

Weddings , grocery shopping for instance are kids friendly activities with a less than 3 hours duration. The difficulty level may differ depending on the variables for the day – husband presence, kids mood or Will to Cooperate, the crowd etc. Even then I still need to plan my grocery trips – is it better to go Family Store where they help you to pack your stuff with less variety or to Tesco with good variety but hands off attitude when it comes to packing customers grocery. In both situation – I bring my own shopping bag. But Family Store was more willing to help.

Anyway, now that I find Fun Run interesting – I will now need to juggle future runs with other cropping weekend agendas – Ee’s skill classes, weddings, birthday parties, courses, visit parents etc etc.. thankful for my faithful HoboMinci.


Weekend in Kuala Lumpur at Izumi Hotel, Bukit Bintang

Apart from being my fathers part time personal assistant (PA), I have also been kept busy with my proper job as a medical officer. I have been selected to attend a weekend conference. Yah.. bila mana ko tak oncall dia suro gi kursus – Thank god, the conference was beneficial and interesting. buatnye dia suro aku attend rashes in pediatric patients.. or asthma in pediatrics – aku akan mengamok sebulan.


So I happily booked a hotel near the venue of the conference. I was not willing to splurge that much money at JW Marriot itself, so I booked Izumi Hotel. Somehow rasa tertipu dengan Agoda.Com because the rate offline was cheaper than online. Tapi takpe.. rezeki hotel.

Recently Updated11

Both Mr Husband and I are not really familiar with Kuala Lumpur. So we were technically tourist in our own country. WAZE was hopeless in directions – hence turned to Google Map for help. The entry to the hotel was into a very small Jalan Berangan just under the fly-over near the Arab Restaurant (middle pic). Go slow, you might miss the turn. Turned out, the hotel had a GREAT location.

Like wow.. dalam map nampak jauh sikit tapi the shopping places were like so near!! Everything is within walking distance. The husband and child should not by any means get bored okay?!!! Pavillion, LOT 1o, Fahrenheit Shopping Mall, Sungei Wang plaza was practically sepelaung away. There were lots of options of restaurants to have a meal. Arab? Malay? Western? Chinese? A bar? You name it!  For a while, Bukit Bintang seemed like a foreign place because of the flock of international tourists everywhere! So meriah!!!

We did not even have to use our car which was kept in the ‘lift carpark’ of IZUMI hotel which was co-shared with Fortuna Hotel. I was so impressed.

The ladies at the hotel reception were ever so helpful. We had complimentary newspaper (The Star), free WIFI in every room, complimentary drinking bottles of water and coffee in the room. On top of that, there was an ironing area and water dispenser on our floor (level 8) for both hot and icy cold drinks.

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My boy loved the shower. Interestingly, there was a small glass window separating the bathroom and the bed, so I can watch over my boy while he so called independently showers himself. Ha ha.

We paid about MYR 130/night. There were breakfast options at its very own IZUMI Bistro but we didn’t take it. I would definitely choose this hotel again in the future.

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A lovy dovey La Patisefrance weekend ..

It was a simple Saturday. Although I was on-call the next day, ( oh how I dread weekend calls) I still managed to squeeze some time with my mini family, showering each other with little acts of love to stock up during my absence over the weekend.

The early morning started with breakfast together and basic household chores. One of which I dread the most is mopping the kitchen floor and sorting the laundry. Thank God for washing machines and a husband who loves to hang out the laundry. And Thank god for the wife who loves folding the laundry. NOT!

Lunch was at the in laws house so I was secretly thrilled in not having to crack my head to think of a dish. Later, we just went jalan2 at Old Jusco and Melaka Mall along the AMJ highway. Both shopping complexes were having sales at their respective departmental stores – I was not in the shopaholic mood – so we just went to a comfy little bakery for pastry and ice cream at the Melaka Mall foyer. It was Patisefrance.

Patisefrance Bakery
Melaka Mall, Lebuh Ayer Keroh,
75450 Malacca, Melaka


The pastry selection was so & so but Hazeeq who loves roti ate everything that has cheese or sausages to it. I had a Danish pastry and Mr Husband ordered gelato. Price was cheap and reasonable.

makan.. makan.. dan makan..

We talked about work – couldn’t help it – we’re both medical professionals. We also talked about our next proposed trip to Thailand. We gossiped about colleagues. We bitched about evil people in general and how more of us should make an effort to be nice to each other. We commented on the many groups of young boys and girls loitering at the mall – without purpose and just playing with their phones.

In the tabloid, there were news of a celebrity couple breaking up and Mr Husband commented out loud of how these people should know what they’re getting into prior to marriage.

“Like I know how you wouldn’t be able to make it to all family functions, that you won’t be home at most nights because you’re on-call and that you don’t cook as well as other people – and yet you make the best spaghetti meatball in the whole wide world”

And I choose to take the last statement as a compliment. Ha ha ha.

Kitty Kitty Itinerary


“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” –

G.K. Chesterton

We went to Johore for our anniversary. A rough itinerary of what we did with Baby Zeeq.

Screenshot 2014-01-13 20.54.16

Some thoughts;


Not bad for a 3 star hotel although Ive seen better. The lobby was comfortable but the room we got had a smell. Like tabacco. We were offered a different room earlier, one with twin beds but hello.. Baby Zeeq is still co-sleeping with us hence we need the room with the King Size bed. It was otherwise clean and doesnt have a dingy stench to it which makes Solat comfortable on the carpet.

There were confusions on how many nights were booked for that room despite already having a proper and early booking through Agoda.Com. I mean, what is so difficult? Dont you guys communicate with each other?

On one particular morning, we didnt even have breakfast coupons and eventhough the receptionist said to just mention our room number, it didnt feel right to swallow down the food and we noticed the staff at the restaurant flipping through their papers looking for our room number. We felt illegal to be there to be exact. We were not thrown out or anything. We just felt we did something wrong.

Location otherwise is superb. theres a nearby Tesco and giant Hypermarket. Also the famous Sate Wak Radol a few minutes away.

JB DEC-001

All in all, the stay wasnt a total disaster. However, I wouldn’t choose the same hotel if  I were to make a trip to Johor again in the future.


I wished I was warned earlier that no outside food was allowed within the area. I risked a packet of my crisps being confiscated at the entrance gate though the guy manning it was kind enough to let me keep the other packet. God bless him. Thank god I didnt bring a whole crate of drinks or prepare a picnic basket to Legoland.

20131230_114617 (1)-00120131230_123151 (1)-001

We spent approximately 2 hours inside. We didnt get on all the rides partly because Baby Zeeq was either to small for the rides or him just being cranky. We did enjoy the 4D movie to which we went in twice –  one show after the other.

Perhaps we will reconsider coming again when Baby Zeeq is bigger and understands the concept of theme parks.


1486901_10202619605761698_345948951_n-001 1522163_10202619602121607_1805274634_n-001

Amazingly Baby Zeeq was in a good mood to participate in all the activities. We got on the teacup ride, painted cookies, made jewellery et cetera. We even managed to rescue Kitty from the Dark Towers and got a certificate.


Hightlights of this place : the Barney show which features Barney with a medley of sing-a-long songs. Our favourite was the Raindrops song. Perhaps the Thomas section was more interesting as they had lots of ride suitable for children under the age of 2.

20131231_112738 (1)-001

Still, we made Baby Zeeq wore a tutu!

The trip was ok. All the tickets were booked in advance through the internet. Total money spent for tickets and rooms were MYR707.00

Hoping for more wonderful trips to come.




The Weekend is Here



“Seeing the family is a very important part of my weekend”
Susannah York




Its true when doctors of the older generations say that you’d only have to endure the suffering as a Houseman. For life will be bliss once you step out as a Medical Officer. The reward comes in no calls and far from having to work on weekends. Of course, the Weekend Calls quota have to be fulfilled. Otherwise, life is pretty much awesome.

When I was an MO and single, I get to travel and dine out with other single friends. Or indulge in casual dating.

When I was an MO ( and still one) and with a family, I get to spend time with my loved ones. I get to clean the house giving it a good hoovering and mopping. Do the laundry, experiment new recipes and sort out my priorities for the following week. Which normally includes planning the menu and catching up with some educational reading.

But you know what I love most about free weekends?

I get to attend functions like weddings, birthday parties et cetera …it makes the circles of friends grow larger and I get to connect with my family & extended family more.

I love the weekends.