My Frozen Prince of Bachang

The Disney movie, Frozen took the world by storm this year. Hence, it was only natural for any toddler to enjoy another animation movie regardless whether its dominated by princesses singing with each other.

Hazeeq is 3 and he adores Frozen. Whenever the hit soundtrack “Let it Go’ comes up on TV, he would sing along at the top of his voice siap dengan gaya tangannya sekali. He would mimic the twirls , the tone of the speech.. everything. And because he loved it so much, I though I’d get him a Frozen themed top or pants or better still, a set of pajamas.

To my dismay, most of the stores I frequent to.. although selling Frozen’s merchandise are almost all catered to girls. Pink dresses with tutus, pink handbags.. and even if it comes in a blue color, you’d have only the princesses patched to the front without Olaf. Or Sven at least. Or Prince Hans of the Seven Isles. Anything! As long as my boy doesn’t look too girly in the top.

After much searching, I finally found a little store at Tesco Bazaar selling something suitable for Hazeeq. The salesgirl mentioned that it wasn’t meant for boys in the first place because of the cutting but still it looked ‘neutral’ in the blue and all the main characters stamped in front. I paid MYR 6 for the T-shirt without hesitance.

let it go.. let it go...

Hazeeq as usual was overjoyed and insisted on wearing it that same night in his sleep. Happier still, was this mother who found great joy in this normal everyday life. I still need to find a Mike Wazowski bag.


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