Tough love

I am a mother with tough love when it comes the Hazeeq. Rarely, do I oblige to his instantaneous demands especially ridiculous ones that gets on my nerves. I still indulge him with good food and toys though and of course smother him with hugs and kisses when I have him all to myself. Hehe. Even his wide eyed, puppy face look doesn’t work.

muka seposen

Hazeeq wanted to get on a specific ride today at Tesco. You know those moving things that emit sound when you push in a coin? So he wanted a miaow. Thing is, there is no miaow. There was only a dog, few horses, some bears and well… thats about it. Being the patient mother after a hectic morning shift, I tried coaxing him into choosing another animal. He refused and that’s when he gets into his ‘repetitive, rebellious’ mode. The 2R mode.

He starts muttering under his breath, “nak miaow.. nak miaow.. nak miaow..” for god knows how many times. He tried to UP his game by adding how he wants to go to neneks house and not MY house. “nak umah nenek, tak mo rumah mummy’..

Geee.. thanks son.

The good thing about Hazeeq despite him being in that 2R mode is that ;

  1. He’s not loud. Regardless of how angry his toddler tantrums are.. he would never shout unhappily in public. Thus, doesn’t resort to physical protest like spinning on the ground or something.
  2. He would still hold my hand and follow me to the car to go home. He would not pull away his hand. Nor would he protest out loud that he doesn’t want to go back to Mummy’s home. The muttering however, would still continue.
  3. He would forget. Especially when he reached home.

And now, he is happily sipping his strawberry milk bought from Tesco. It’s like the conflict never happened in the first place.


3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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