Tantrum – his milestone

I usually have it easy. My boy would bathe on time, sleep on time, eat his broccoli and play his toys nicely. It would be a rare occasion to have my son cry or throw a tantrum. must be the mother’s angelic genes. 


Last weekend however, was horrendous. For God knows what reason, this 3 year old boy of mine is beginning to have an opinion of his own. Everything has an excuse to NOT doing it – refusal to bathe, refusal to wash his Number Two, refusal to eat rice. It’s like him being possessed by an indecisive Emily Rose.

Is this a milestone I’m not seeing in my Paeds Protocol reference book? I mean he is turning 4 next month. Poor december babies – they’re just growing up but the year has passed them. I remembered when he turned exactly 1 years old he could suddenly walk without a topple. So could that be it? Another milestone of the dark side?  See.. even doctors get clueless when it comes to their own kids.

Last night when everyone was just super tired of being a normal human being and by that I mean completing house chores, shopping groceries, folding endless laundry etc.. when ya know we just want to lay down on the bed and sleep the night off – my son did not want to wash and change into his pyjamas. Not even his favourite bear pyjamas with the pockets at front.

Mr Tantrum paid a visit and made him throw his collections of Ultraman on the floor. He shut off the TV and kept the remote control away from his father. He wouldn’t let me touch or hug him. He just wanted to be a little 3 year old called Diffy Cult.

I just couldn’t have it and threatened to switch off the lights to our room. He thought I wasn’t serious – I felt ‘challenged’ so without laying any physical harm towards him (never did) I flicked off the switch. He howled and cried so loud I was worried that the neighbours would think that we were abusing him or something. 5 seconds later I turned on the lights back of course but he was still playing that game of ‘I am Diffy Cult’. I left him in the bedroom sobbing more slowly – to play a mindless mini game on my computer. But I couldn’t concentrate. My candy on screen can’t seem to crush very well.

Soon he came out to look for me but recognizing his other friend – Mr Mini Eegow he did not come near me. He sat at a different chair and just watched me. Then from the corner of my eye I saw him slowly lying down on the couch, still sobbing but from what I gather becoming sleepy.

Being a softie that I am, I went up to him and touched his face. His eyes were like really droopy by now – he ‘regained consciousness’ when I gave him a kiss on the cheeks and without a fuss he said

‘Mummy.. I want to shower”

Then everything became normal instantaneously. I lathered him with his favourite soap, put him in his pyjamas, combed his hair the ‘encem’ style and applied a bit of oil fragrance on his neck.

He later climbed up the bed, pulled up his blanket, hugged his toy elephant and ZzzzZZzzz.. he passed out. Then I prayed hard that he would be a good boy the next morning.

Ill souls on a weekend

Baby Hazeeq seems to live in an imaginary yet effective little bubble. For he is the only one among us 3 who is not infected with the flu and fever. I’m not quite sure whether to rejoice that he is well or feel sorry that he has to play on his own.

The terrible bug attacked Mr Husband and I last weekend.

I had a terrible oncall in Casualty. Despite a grateful 3 hour snooze from 0330 to 0630 I woke up to a flat tyre that needed changing and a tortoise speed drive back home. Once at home, I was greeted by a couldn’t-be-bothered husband on the couch. He muttered an ‘eh’ from beneath the blankets and continued to wrap himself in it like a mummy. Dopey from probably his chlorpheniramine. Baby Hazeeq was already doing the helicopter spin on the floor with ‘snacks’ on the table and the TV switched on to Frozen. A bait to leave the father alone. And it’s only 9 in the morning.

I managed a quick breakfast. Chucked down two tabs of paracetamol and a tab of piriton down my throat before I too, took a spot in front of the TV in the living room to …. rest. In between my ‘nap’, I would be awakened by Hazeeq playing his dinosaurs on my contoured body of hills and mountains. Later, I am supposed to be a giant in a deep slumber. I just have to make a roar now and again to make him happy. Once Hazeeq got bored, he told me to change the channel to Minions. And then Frozen (again). And then Monsters University. Oh well, at least I get an 80 -90 min rest in between.

Lunch was toast and leftover pasta for the little guy. Mr Husband and I just gulped down glasses of water.

We felt better during tea time but we were still groggy. We had pizza for takeout. And mushroom soup for the soul. Perhaps the happiest person was Hazeeq by then as now he gets undivided attention from both his ill zombie- like parents. Who happened to be doctors. And is expected to come back to work again the following day. MONDAY.

Hazeeq morphing into a Terrible 3

In toddler-ship, there’s the Tantrum Two and a Terrible Three. At 3, these little humans are more than capable to express their feelings and ideas although really, kids say the darndest things! Almost every gritty ritual per diem becomes more magnanimous, opulent and of paparazzi material. The right leg needs to step in the pants holes first before the left. The coloured pencils must be arranged with always the green one first in line. He demands a picture taken for everything – while eating, pooh-ing even. And most importantly, always seeking recognition for their efforts, acknowledgements for their actions and words.

“mummy tengok eh ” (mummy.. look at me)

“bukan monyetlah.. haiwan” (no mummy, its not a monkey.. its an animal)

Bday EE

Last night I was tucking my son into bed for the umpteenth time. Mr Husband has given up and was already snoring in his corner of the bed. All was cozy and ‘complete’ for bedtime.It was just after 9PM. Hazeeq was in his choice of pyjamas – a 2013 white baju melayu, wrapped in his favourite blanket – a KFC free gift blue Doraemon blanket and surrounded by his toys – an army of 5 mini Ultraman figurines together with one Ultraman half his size.

Then His Royal Highness wanted his bedtime milk. This time not in a bottle. He wanted it served in a cup. Just like Upin Ipin.

“Ee dah besar.. Ee minum cawan” (im a big boy, I want to drink in a cup)

Fine then, so be it. I handed him the mug, he gulped down a precise 3 gulps and then gave me back the mug.

“EE dah kenyang. Simpan” (I am full, keep it)

Disappointed that he didn’t finish his milk, I still obliged to his request and kept the remaining milk in the fridge. Few minutes later, he became all upset and hissy.

“Kenapa mummy simpan dlm peti ais.. simpan atas meja.. Ee haus.”

(why did you keep it in the fridge, put it on the table. Im thirsty)

So I took out the milk from the fridge – still lukewarm – placed the cup slowly in his hands and he drank it till half empty. And boy, he has the most adorable milk moustache ever! I was careful this time to put the cup on the dressing table. He was content and this time managed to get his sleep. I finished off the rest of the milk after adding in a bit of cocoa powder.

Kids at 3, hard to please!

Tough love

I am a mother with tough love when it comes the Hazeeq. Rarely, do I oblige to his instantaneous demands especially ridiculous ones that gets on my nerves. I still indulge him with good food and toys though and of course smother him with hugs and kisses when I have him all to myself. Hehe. Even his wide eyed, puppy face look doesn’t work.

muka seposen

Hazeeq wanted to get on a specific ride today at Tesco. You know those moving things that emit sound when you push in a coin? So he wanted a miaow. Thing is, there is no miaow. There was only a dog, few horses, some bears and well… thats about it. Being the patient mother after a hectic morning shift, I tried coaxing him into choosing another animal. He refused and that’s when he gets into his ‘repetitive, rebellious’ mode. The 2R mode.

He starts muttering under his breath, “nak miaow.. nak miaow.. nak miaow..” for god knows how many times. He tried to UP his game by adding how he wants to go to neneks house and not MY house. “nak umah nenek, tak mo rumah mummy’..

Geee.. thanks son.

The good thing about Hazeeq despite him being in that 2R mode is that ;

  1. He’s not loud. Regardless of how angry his toddler tantrums are.. he would never shout unhappily in public. Thus, doesn’t resort to physical protest like spinning on the ground or something.
  2. He would still hold my hand and follow me to the car to go home. He would not pull away his hand. Nor would he protest out loud that he doesn’t want to go back to Mummy’s home. The muttering however, would still continue.
  3. He would forget. Especially when he reached home.

And now, he is happily sipping his strawberry milk bought from Tesco. It’s like the conflict never happened in the first place.


Boys want to have fun

I had always thought that Hazeeq loves being around Mr Husband because it goes without saying that he just loves Abah more (ye ke?) and that Mr Husband plays the sword games better with him. I soon realized that it didn’t matter what game I choose to play with Hazeeq – what he is really looking for is interaction. Fun interaction. Meaning … his questions answered. His demands fulfilled. Ha ha.

sayang2 ayah, sayang2 ibu

Mr Husband has been on a tight working schedule lately. Thus his sleeping clock has been fast forwarded to very early hours of the night. Dahlah mata ayam, kepak gik ya. So he’s usually dead asleep by half 8 and as for myself.. latest is 10pm on a non oncall day/PM shift.

Hazeeq on the other hand, does not sleep on the same hour. At most is by 9 pm if we’re not going anywhere. So being the bored lad he is, he starts seeking attention. That’s when I discovered that although what I’m doing seems boring – it opened up a new world to this little guy. If only you could see his curious little eyes peeking over your shoulder, trying to see what is making his mommy busy.

His frequent questions were along the lines of

what are you doing

why this, why that

what is that, what is this

and not that I’m doing a scientific experiment or anything. Sometimes its just random activities like folding the laundry, watching my korean drama, completing a work-related task et cetera.. But Hazeeq seems to enjoy that one to one interaction. He wants to know what I’m doing.

Mummy buat apa tuh.. 

He would choose the pillow I use for sleep. He’ll say, ‘bukan.. bantal ni kerathh’. He even chooses the colour of my towel. It has to be brown and not yellow, cause its his. He will babble about Doraemon and his terbang2. Sometimes he makes me pick up the sword and duel with him. At other times, he just wants a cuddle and play baby in my arms. ahhhh.. sweet boy. He just wants to have fun. Or in other words – attention. Which is why he would prefer someone who gives him that attention. Like the dad!!

This experience inadvertently taught me something about motherhood – that I’m a somewhat ‘quiet mother’. I mean, I talk to him and stuff but am not as open as how Mr Husband is towards my boy. Its as though my raw love is not fully unleashed – chained by uncertainties. My love is not 100% transparent and accessible. LOL. But well, it is not too late to improve on that.

100% undivided attention coming right up!