SimplySiti Dermagic Beauty Moisturiser

I must say I am in love with this product. I rarely get to use my skincare products till its empty especially moisturizers because I never believed in them in the first place. Until I met SimplySiti’s Dermagic Beauty Moisturiser. It is said to be a star product hence the need to find out the truth is there.


I am attracted to SimplySiti’s product as a whole because it is Made In Korea. The land of BB Cream. Where the women no matter how old, have flawless porcelain skin. It’s like bumping into a movie star every second of the day when you’re walking on the streets of South Korea. Ha ha –

I started using this moisturiser this year, out of curiosity… but mostly because I was influenced by its beautiful packaging. So purple and exclusive. The price was a bit on the high end especially when you know its produced by a local songbird star but after considering its original place of manufacture (i.e. KOREA), I trust the price to be deemed acceptable. Translating into affordable.

I loved the scent. The texture. And soon enough I have a  daily ‘before bed skin cleansing ritual’ which includes smothering this cream onto my face. The fragrance of the cream was all the aromatherapy I needed for a good nights sleep.

And just last 2 weeks I got myself a new one. Like wow – a  repeat purchase!! I mean who wouldn’t when you feel like a million dollars the next morning.

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