Merdeka shopping spree

Mini head towels & face mask

I thought I should make the trip worthy by ordering both face mask sheets and hair caps. . I have tried the Bioaqua Ice Mask but have yet to try the Vitamin C type. The caps were cute and I got them in 3 colours which are purple, deep pink and pink. My daughter loved her pink one.

Price: RM2.89/ea for caps and RM0.50/ea for masks

Psychology books

I bought two Islamic psychology books from IIUMPRESS. I thought that I’d like to bring them to the conference and get Dr Alizi’s autograph. It did not happen. I did enjoy his topic though. It was very enlightening. The total purchase was RM71.40


For Gumash, I got a different colour this time. This is one of the henna-based hair dyes for women. Going for a dark brown instead of a copper head. This one was priced at RM54.80.


This local product exceeded my expectation. It is a bubble bath essence. It produced a lot of bubbles in the tub. The type where it will stay above your boobs for a long time when you’re soaking. I bought it with me during my trip to Kuching the other day. Each bottle costs RM29.35 and I bought all 3 variants.

My bathroom is like a spa.. yeay

Foot bucket spa

I also bought a foot bucket spa for RM209.90 and it was so worth it. I even received a lot of free herbal powder. Basically, you fill up the collapsible bucket with normal temp water, the machine will heat it up to the desired temperature and just put whatever herbal powder of your choice inside. At the bottom of the bucket, there are rollers to massage your tired feet. You can put on the timer as well. I usually do one for about 20 minutes.

This concludes my Shopee haul for Merdeka day !

Beauty products I ditched

I am easily influenced. It gets worse with the flooding of adverts and endorsements through social media. Everything is K-beauty nowadays but I have to admit, their products are good. Even then, there were some brands that did not work for me. Mind you, it may work for you but not for me.


RM288.00 (a bundle of 3)

I was smitten by its beautiful packaging and the promise of long silky hair. This was the time when I hadn’t embraced the beauty of having curls. My first thought was the scent was too strong. And that it did not meet my expectations. I am still using it on days when I need a quick wash. But I have since then, gone to the salon and invested in better hair conditioner and cream.



I bought the Sunset Freesia (80ml). I was influenced to get one because of the adverts. I stopped using it after 2 attempts because the scent (again) was overpowering. And of course my hair remained as frizzy as ever.



I purchased the gold collagen/birds nest aqua. It gave me quite a sting at the undereye. It gives you a cool feeling on application but then it hurt me after a few minutes. Maybe, my skin barrier was not optimum at the time. I dare not try it again afterwards though.



I wanted to lighten my hyperpigmented knees and elbows but I did not see any improvements. I then learned that exfoliation and moisturising of the area is a better practice. And I discovered AmLactin on Instagram, as recommended by a Japanese beauty influencer. She said the ammonia in Amlactin does the job better. Give me a few months to give my review on that.



I love foot mask, especially those with that peeling effect. My problem with this mask is that the peel takes too many days to complete. It is irritating to have the dead skin hanging out or sticking to your socks.



I am pretty sure this is a genuine product but why do I feel that the texture’s a bit oily. I mean, it is liquid and it passes through the big hole at the opening quite easily but it feels oily. Perhaps, that is what beauty influencers meant by good hydration? Talking about the hole, are they supposed to be that big? It always catches me by surprise when the fluid comes out. Out of control!

Finally, any W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume. Any scent is just a no for me. Just get a proper perfume. While I am aware that the scent does not last long, it does have a peculiar after-effect smell to it.

On my vanity part 3

I love this section of my vanity. The part where everything smells nice and looks very pretty. My husband gave me 2 sets of Elianto products, remember? One set had all the makeup-related things and the other is a collection of perfume, EDT and body mists. You can view some of their stuff in my vlog.

I really have to give a shout-out to some of these Elianto products.

Elianto 24K Gold Ampoule

Ladies, this product really makes your face glow. The kind where it makes you look rich and glamorous. I was super pleased to see the outcome even on a bare face. Maybe it’s those gold flakes.

Elianto My Highland Perfume Mist

Spraying this on you gives off this lady-boss vibe. The fragrance is soft yet masculine. It doesn’t last long though but I love it all the same. The scent lingers for probably less than 4 hours or so. I would definitely repurchase this once it finishes. I read somewhere that this perfumed mist comes in other variations too.

Elianto Lovely Day Perfume Set

My favourite, in particular, is Cloudy but the rest smells great too. It comes in a nice little box, perfect as a gift!

On my vanity part 2

As you can see, there are a few Mary Kay products. That’s because my sister is an agent for the brand. some of my favourites from MK are the Skinvigorate Sonic facial cleanser, their mascara, the matte lipstick in Rich Truffle, the Satin citrus hand cream and that Berry & Vanilla body lotion.

I am also a fan of Goodal toner, especially that yellow one. That is my second tub. I need to replenish my collection of face mask sheets too from my favourite Shopee store, beautybabes.

Recently, I have started using this hair cream from a brand called Aussie. It is a leave-in cream that is supposed to make my hair less frizzy. Somehow, I prefer this brand over a Korean brand, Jul7me because this one smells really nice and ‘natural’. Maybe, it’s the coconut and jojoba scent that lured me to keep using it. As opposed to the freesia scent.

These are a few of my makeup products. I keep my eyes and lip stuff elsewhere. Most of the time, I use a Natural shade or a No.23 kind of shade. Missha will always be my favourite although lately, I have been very intrigued with Wardah products too. I love my Elianto concealer a lot and I have been using my BT21 (Shooky) blusher sparingly because I don’t want it to finish. I am not really an eye shadow person but since it was a gift from my husband, I will use it from time to time.

I apply nail varnish on days I am on my menses. They are water-based and easy to peel off.

I have also been really consistent with the application of the Laneige Lip Mask at night. It’s very moisturising and it smells really really nice. It leaves a sort of reddish hue the next morning too – looks cute and fresh. or maybe it’s my lip pigment colour. Ha ha. I am itching to get the BTS lip mask in bora but on second thought, let’s just finish the current pot first.

See you in part 3

On my vanity part 1

Stash 1 : A mix of products from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the USA . We have SKII, IUNIK, beauty of joseon, Wardah, skinlab, Apieu,

Approaching 40 and the obsession is with skin care, as a good base (face) will enhance the makeup and complexion as a whole. I have been very diligent in applying my moisturiser, sunscreen and retinol for the past year and am pleased with the results. My skin breaks out infrequently which is a hurray.

After tackling facial acne, I plan to reduce the hyperpigmented areas on the elbow and knees. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. For this, I have incorporated Amlactin into my body lotion regime. It smells horrible though because of the ammonia and the results are not visible since I am not consistent yet.

Evidently, an avid fan of SKII.

Stash 2 : the contact lenses and hair accessories

I love adorable hairbands, especially the ones with ears or anything of that sort. I share this collection with my daughter of course. I have also been trying other contact lenses brand because FreshKon takes ages to arrive online. Probably due to high demand. The new brand I am trying is Horien (Kira Kira) from Taiwan. The colours are pretty. My favourite is Ash Rose but the ones available in the store are the daily disposable ones. I am still loyal to Blincon because the brown looks natural on my eyes.

I also keep my hair rollers in this basket. Claws and clips are somewhere underneath there.