Beauty products I ditched

I am easily influenced. It gets worse with the flooding of adverts and endorsements through social media. Everything is K-beauty nowadays but I have to admit, their products are good. Even then, there were some brands that did not work for me. Mind you, it may work for you but not for me.


RM288.00 (a bundle of 3)

I was smitten by its beautiful packaging and the promise of long silky hair. This was the time when I hadn’t embraced the beauty of having curls. My first thought was the scent was too strong. And that it did not meet my expectations. I am still using it on days when I need a quick wash. But I have since then, gone to the salon and invested in better hair conditioner and cream.



I bought the Sunset Freesia (80ml). I was influenced to get one because of the adverts. I stopped using it after 2 attempts because the scent (again) was overpowering. And of course my hair remained as frizzy as ever.



I purchased the gold collagen/birds nest aqua. It gave me quite a sting at the undereye. It gives you a cool feeling on application but then it hurt me after a few minutes. Maybe, my skin barrier was not optimum at the time. I dare not try it again afterwards though.



I wanted to lighten my hyperpigmented knees and elbows but I did not see any improvements. I then learned that exfoliation and moisturising of the area is a better practice. And I discovered AmLactin on Instagram, as recommended by a Japanese beauty influencer. She said the ammonia in Amlactin does the job better. Give me a few months to give my review on that.



I love foot mask, especially those with that peeling effect. My problem with this mask is that the peel takes too many days to complete. It is irritating to have the dead skin hanging out or sticking to your socks.



I am pretty sure this is a genuine product but why do I feel that the texture’s a bit oily. I mean, it is liquid and it passes through the big hole at the opening quite easily but it feels oily. Perhaps, that is what beauty influencers meant by good hydration? Talking about the hole, are they supposed to be that big? It always catches me by surprise when the fluid comes out. Out of control!

Finally, any W. Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume. Any scent is just a no for me. Just get a proper perfume. While I am aware that the scent does not last long, it does have a peculiar after-effect smell to it.


On my vanity part 1

Stash 1 : A mix of products from Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the USA . We have SKII, IUNIK, beauty of joseon, Wardah, skinlab, Apieu,

Approaching 40 and the obsession is with skin care, as a good base (face) will enhance the makeup and complexion as a whole. I have been very diligent in applying my moisturiser, sunscreen and retinol for the past year and am pleased with the results. My skin breaks out infrequently which is a hurray.

After tackling facial acne, I plan to reduce the hyperpigmented areas on the elbow and knees. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. For this, I have incorporated Amlactin into my body lotion regime. It smells horrible though because of the ammonia and the results are not visible since I am not consistent yet.

Evidently, an avid fan of SKII.

Stash 2 : the contact lenses and hair accessories

I love adorable hairbands, especially the ones with ears or anything of that sort. I share this collection with my daughter of course. I have also been trying other contact lenses brand because FreshKon takes ages to arrive online. Probably due to high demand. The new brand I am trying is Horien (Kira Kira) from Taiwan. The colours are pretty. My favourite is Ash Rose but the ones available in the store are the daily disposable ones. I am still loyal to Blincon because the brown looks natural on my eyes.

I also keep my hair rollers in this basket. Claws and clips are somewhere underneath there.

Mask Acne. A Hermo Haul

It started with a mild blemish at the chin area. Soon, acnes were erupting not only there but also above my lip. It made me hormonal. I haven’t felt so insecure with my face since teenage years. I had to fix this. This time I went back to the website I used before Althea which is Hermo Online. I didn’t like the courier who sent my previous Althea goods. Rude nak mampus. It is not Althea’s fault though but the choice of courier macam mehhh.. . Therefore, crossing my fingers for a charming courier service. Here is what I did to combat my acne. (in progress)


I decided to buy more 3 ply mask of my own to be changed daily. Sometimes I tend to use it over 2 days. In a way, I hope that the skin could breath better and not be exposed to the same dirt all over again. I discovered a hijabi friendly mask on Shopee that comes as a headloop instead of an ear loop. It’s a 3ply mask that I could use in my workplace setting as well.


It is back to the healthy eating days. More salad. Stocking up on my butterhead and romaine. More plain water. In fact, I cleaned out my freezer and fridge. Whatever we did not touch for the past 6 months goes inside the bin. I also rearranged the tupperwares and dry goods in my little pantry. Bought some 3 tier shelves from Mr D.I.Y. and now I love my food storage area. I figured if we chuck out the nasty stuff – it wouldn’t be an option for our meals. Even so, I still have some crisps and biscuits at hand. For the kids.


Its time to take skin care seriously. Again. It has been neglected for quite some time. A lot of experts say that you shouldn’t mix the product. I agree. But for now, I am desperate. If this mask acne is still not taken care off, I might have to step into a medispa or aesthetic clinic to sort it out. Thankfully, I have 2 friends who had just obtained their license to carry out aesthetic related services. I have a phobia with skin treatment especially on the face because I tend to up like a lobster after the session. It ain’t good if it is a work day the next day.

In my haul, Nature Republic is topping the list. Simply because it is one of the cheapest brand on the site. I bought a lot of masks for the face and 2 pieces for the feet. My foot calluses needs some TLC. I am loading quite a few new brands in my shopping cart. First, I have this 14 day miracle cream by Some By Mi. The brand is supposed to be natural, mild yet effective to the skin. I am sold by its AHA-BHA-PHA jargon. Undeniably, any red popping acne will tone down on application within 24-48 hours but it doesn’t make the old acne scars go away. I think I need a different product for that. I have been using this product for 2 weeks and I wonder if it is supposed to be a miracle once the skin purging phase is over. This is because I still have that on off acne making very brief stops on my chin.

This striking yellow goodal green tangerine vit c pad is surprisingly pleasant to use. It does feel a bit acidic though when you apply it on a daily basis. The skin stings. Hence, I am spacing out its application to every 2 -3 days. The price is quite steep so I will definitely keep an eye out out for discounts or sales. A tub of goodal has 70 nice citrus smelling pads selling at RM 84.00. For this purchase, I bought mine at just above RM50.

I am also very consistent with this Aromatica hair essence. It boasts being free from silicone sulfate, an ingredient in hair products that makes it frizzy and all. I have yet to see the results with this essence. My hair still looks like I came out of The Croods movie. Maybe I need to concurrently switch shampoo or something. Anyhow, I have begun to pick up the habit of combing my hair everyday (again). I have stopped doing so since housemanship.

I doubt I’d be aesthetically pleasing for my 10th year wedding anniversary. Coming soon end of December. Nevertheless, I am have planned for a mini staycation to commemorate the day. I even made an effort to get my husband a gift this time. Prior to this, anniversary is just dinner with the kids at a restaurant. We haven’t been going out as a couple ever since I gave birth to the kids. I guess this is the sacrifice we make as a duo in the medical line. I am thinking of snapping good photos as well despite looking fat. It’ll be a great addition to the album.

The Shopee Haul. Part uno.

Stress (disappointment) + Fatigue + IHaveMoneyInMyBankAccount ..

… led me to a shopping spree online last week. And now I have to pay the price to keep myself put at home waiting for my nonsense stuff to arrive. No jalan2 or poya2 merata-rata. Mesti tunggu posmen. Good thing though because it’s so challenging to bring Ninie. I don’t remember feeling very anxious bringing Ee out when he was a baby. In fact, I could easily drive back to Jenjarom with him strapped in the child carseat without an ounce of fear.

Perhaps it’s the world nowadays. Setan behind the mask of innocent looking faces. I wouldn’t even let a stranger makcik to hold NInie. Not even a short cuddle. To me, EVERYONE IS EVIL. EVERYONE WANTS SOMETHING FROM ME. Then there’s reckless drivers on the road. Insane, young,hormonal driven adults in the malls.  Ohgosh.. I’m a paranoid mom. AM I?

Back to my haul. Initially I had NINE parcels to wait on. I had to cancel one as per requested by the seller because she has an emergency at her kampung and she couldn’t deliver the items. my guess is – the item is out of stock. Tapi takpelah.. got refund. but I really wanted that washing machine rack. it would look neat in the kitchen.

Most of my items are planner related stuff.




Then, there’s MISSHA. I had to get my foundation from Shopee because Hermo was selling it at a retail price of RM79. I  have paid for it cheaper…so hell no am I going to fork out that much money. This is my 5th year using MISSHA and did I tell you it’s TIME REVOLUTION ESSENCE is the bomb?  It cost less than SKII and I think it does an equally good job. I glow without makeup. And I look like I had a shower too. Good for early morning school runs. thank god for wearing a hijab as well. Takdelah mcm hantu mak limah sgt..


And of course I need to buy a white elephant item like a cereal dispenser which was not practical in this country. First, it is not airtight. Secondly, ants always finds a way to share your cereals. And now I have to find a place  to hide it from my husband before he comes back from his Sakura Science Programme in Japan. The ants had a buffet with my healthy cereals. Huhu.

I still have 5 more parcels on the way. And that is part Deux.


SimplySiti : ‘Glocal’ and affordable

I find that I am slowly having this inclination towards local products in the beauty section – the  SimplySiti brand to be exact. Perhaps it is because the range still has a Korean essence to it, only perfected with a Malaysian touch. By our famous songstress of course, Dato Siti Nurhaliza. On top of that, with the current exchange rate – I have to think twice when ordering an item online especially when it’s from overseas. So if anybody have any recommendations to replace my Missha BB Foundation Cream and Missha Time Treatment Essence, I would be so thankful.

 고맙습니다 gomabseubnida !!

I did a SimplySiti haul at Watson’s recently. Say hello to the new folks;


SimplySiti EDP Precious RM 69.90
SimplySiti HidraVita Treatment Cream (Vitamin E) RM 33.90
SimplySiti Argan Mascara RM 39.90
SimplySiti Elegant Lipstick (Wanita) RM 29.90

The HidraVita Treatment Cream is another repeat purchase – just like the Dermagic Moisturiser. It could be a placebo effect but I do feel that my blemishes are kept at bay. I decided on the Precious EDP because it smelled better than the rest. It has yet to match Ralph Lauren’s Style (somebody.. please recommend me a perfume with somewhat similar accent) which is now not in production anymore. But I’ll just try it and see how it goes. Plus, the packaging is cute with the ribbons and such. It can be a budget gift for any girl on any occasion too.


It took me ages to choose a lipstick that could bring out the perfect nudé before I finally settled on a particular colour named as Wanita. I don’t want to appear too dressed up for work yet not lesu and lemah at the same time. Hope to put it to the test next MOnday.

So here is my little SimplySiti family. Say yes to Malaysian products!