Simple detective work – to look for people

How do you find a particular someone in a sea full of people? Well.. I was put on a test today.


A few weeks ago, a middle aged lady was referred to our centre from a private GP for subsequent management. After this lady was assessed by an attending specialist, Specialist M, at our hospital, it was decided that she needs further investigation at a tertiary hospital where the facilities were more advanced – in this case, they had a CT scan machine available.

After the patient was transferred there, I have quite forgotten about the case until Specialist M wanted to see her again – for educational purposes. *gasp*

I did the easiest thing I could imagine, I traced her Casualty card to get her number. I then met Panic & Horror as the phone number belonged to someone else. Patutlah tak angkat.  The first thing that crossed my mind was, “OMG.. do I really need to get the police involved in this – to track her down and get her number?!!!” That is like so dramatic right..

I suddenly remembered that she brought along a relative who happened to be working as part of the private cleaning company in our hospital. Too bad I don’t know her name since she is not working in our unit. I tried my best to describe this particular relative to the other workers but alas, they are unable to recall who this lady tembam2 with tudung is. I was at wits end, I even tried to google her name in case someone mentions her on the web. Or if she by chance has a Facebook account. kerja gila.. I know. 

After much silly effort within that long 30 minutes, HELP came in the form of a friend.

“She was referred from a GP right?”


“Why don’t you call the GP and ask for her details. When patients register for the first time, they usually get their contact number and all”

OH bless him! And indeed he was right. I spoke to the GP owner herself, explained my predicament and voila.. I managed to give the patient a call and confirmed an appointment. Now that is one way how you find a person in a sea of people.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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