Hazeeq morphing into a Terrible 3

In toddler-ship, there’s the Tantrum Two and a Terrible Three. At 3, these little humans are more than capable to express their feelings and ideas although really, kids say the darndest things! Almost every gritty ritual per diem becomes more magnanimous, opulent and of paparazzi material. The right leg needs to step in the pants holes first before the left. The coloured pencils must be arranged with always the green one first in line. He demands a picture taken for everything – while eating, pooh-ing even. And most importantly, always seeking recognition for their efforts, acknowledgements for their actions and words.

“mummy tengok eh ” (mummy.. look at me)

“bukan monyetlah.. haiwan” (no mummy, its not a monkey.. its an animal)

Bday EE

Last night I was tucking my son into bed for the umpteenth time. Mr Husband has given up and was already snoring in his corner of the bed. All was cozy and ‘complete’ for bedtime.It was just after 9PM. Hazeeq was in his choice of pyjamas – a 2013 white baju melayu, wrapped in his favourite blanket – a KFC free gift blue Doraemon blanket and surrounded by his toys – an army of 5 mini Ultraman figurines together with one Ultraman half his size.

Then His Royal Highness wanted his bedtime milk. This time not in a bottle. He wanted it served in a cup. Just like Upin Ipin.

“Ee dah besar.. Ee minum cawan” (im a big boy, I want to drink in a cup)

Fine then, so be it. I handed him the mug, he gulped down a precise 3 gulps and then gave me back the mug.

“EE dah kenyang. Simpan” (I am full, keep it)

Disappointed that he didn’t finish his milk, I still obliged to his request and kept the remaining milk in the fridge. Few minutes later, he became all upset and hissy.

“Kenapa mummy simpan dlm peti ais.. simpan atas meja.. Ee haus.”

(why did you keep it in the fridge, put it on the table. Im thirsty)

So I took out the milk from the fridge – still lukewarm – placed the cup slowly in his hands and he drank it till half empty. And boy, he has the most adorable milk moustache ever! I was careful this time to put the cup on the dressing table. He was content and this time managed to get his sleep. I finished off the rest of the milk after adding in a bit of cocoa powder.

Kids at 3, hard to please!

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