Hazeeq is 3

I am an enthusiastic mother when it comes to birthdays but I have long accepted that I have no talent in baking my own 3-D cake with fondants and all. Nor am I gifted in making those pretty party decorations and goody bags. Hazeeq doesn’t even have friends outside the family and as of my proper friends.. well, we are too far away and most of them would be oncall or doing something with their family. Ha ha ha. Lumrah berkawan with doktores… 

So it was a weekend birthday without the mat salleh thrills and frills. No clowns unless you count my silly jokes – the one that make cheeky kids go ‘HAr Har Har’ weakly.  We finally managed to set our foot at IKEA and the new mall in town – IOI City Putrajaya.

Mr Husband insisted that I try the famous Ikea Meatballs. He said it was a 7/10.

meatball.. satu seringgit

I had to ask,

“So which meatball gets a 10”


Of course, I have always known the meatballs I make are wonderful to his palate. It’s like the one and only gift God decided to give me over any other meals. Why can’t it be lasagna!! Huahuahua. Any culinary challenged person like myself could easily make one though. Mince meat + holland onions (lots) with loads of black pepper. Nyum nyum. 

On the other hand.. at IOI City Mall, we tried to window shop each floor but it was just too massive. I gave up after Daiso and Parkson. I was itching to buy a pair of court shoes but none of them were screaming a confident ‘BUY ME!!” to my face. So few dollars saved there but I splashed it on the birthday lunch – at JOhnny’s steamboat restaurant. I am pretty convinced that if my mother was there (she had another social function to attend to), she could replicate the recipe with a mere lick of the sauce. She is that talented!

Bday EE2

It wouldn’t have been a perfect birthday weekend if it wasn’t because of the cake. My younger sister bought it from her trusted bakery Berry’s – a Japanese chocolate cheese cake and oh em gee.. it was the best cheese choc cake ever. Kalah Secret Recipe. The 2 hyperthyroid Doraemon as cake toppers was a good touch but turns out too creepy to eat. I mean.. look at the eyes. It looks like its gonna pop out anytime!

Bday EE3

Well son, you may not remember this once you reach 7 but I hope you know how much we love you judging from the adorable pictures we took of you. Mummy hope that you will learn a lot of good things as you grow up, to be gracious to others and be content with what you have. To always strive for greatness but never to forget remain rooted to the ground, as we all come from the same humble beginnings.

Mummy love you very much and will try to get you a new adik to play with. *grin*

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