Keep writing

Sometimes I surprise myself. Especially when I look back on the things I wrote in my paper journal or blog entries. The emotions, the opinions.. even short stories I write during my free time – if read once more makes me feel like I’m reading someone else’s work.

To be a profesional writer was never a proper ambition. After all, I do have a proper job. I am happy enough to write in a blogosphere and entertain myself or readers if any, with my mini crap here and there.

Plus when you write, you have to look up to great writers and take example. I mean, how do you compete with those who are able to create a stand-alone world in their head. Filled with characters described in great detail right from their physical traits to their personalities! The Harry Potter series was amazing enough and then we have Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games! Not to mention world of Hobbits and Twilights! Amazing brains I have to say. It does make me wonder at times – if say, I quit my job and become a fulltime writer, do I have the potential to force my brain to create at least a storyline in our modern world?

Yet I have perfect examples around me who made it to the publishing world. Normal, ordinary people like you and me. I guess if one have the passion for whatever he/she is doing, anything is possible. For the time being.. keep writing.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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