The Big 30 … Mr Husband’s mini celebration

They say age is just a number. It better be ..


I was hoping to do something special for Mr Husbands big 30 but we were both swamped with work related activities. Him busy with his Masters-to-be programme – me with my God knows what stuff. The akreditasi questionnaires, pending medical reports, the respiratory update course .. to name a few.

So the best I could do was to buy these floating helium balloons which cost a freaking RM 10 each , a novel we could both read and bitch about, a yearly recycled birthday card and of course a birthday cake.

This time I bought his cake from King’s Confectionery for a change. It was a mistake. I should just stick with Italy Cake House products. They taste is way nicer, looks more exclusive and slightly cheaper despite the GST.


Balloons from Pembekal Belon (near Kip Mart Malacca), Suamiku Workaholic from Popular Bookstore (Tesco), Mocha Chocolate Cake from King’s Confectionery (Tesco)

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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