After the accident …

Earlier this month we were shocked to hear of another death involving another doctor in a motor vehicle accident. Sadder still, it involved a brother to a person that the family knew – someone close and dear to the heart. His death was sudden but coincident at the same time – a time when his family happened to be around after travelling far from the north initially as a  social visit, which in turn became a visit to the dead.

It is times like this when I would worry about the safety of Mr Husband and myself. His risk factor is his motorbike. Orang tua would say “naik motor, dinding nyer badan ko jer jang”

As for myself my risk factors are Time and Distance. I word odd hours and home is 27km away from hospital. Fatigue from working at the emergency unit can take its toll sometimes. Eventhough I constantly remind myself to stay alert and safe before every drive to and from work.

While we may take every measure to be a safe driver or biker, we cannot say the same for other people on the road. Despite us driving within the safety limit, we cannot vouch for others in the fast and overtaking lanes that they’d be law-abiding citizens as well.

Hence I only pray should Allah decide to take us back in His arms – be it at a time when He is most Redha with us.. InsyaAllah.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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