Aidil Adha 2015

I woke up very early on the morning of Eid – because I was excited to go have breakfast at my Mother In Law’s house. What were you thinking ? That’s I’ll be cooking? Of course not.. #icantcook.. he he

The colour theme was unplanned – Mr Husband pulled out a red-dish baju melayu from his closet and both EE and I followed suit by pulling out our very own red attire as well. We performed the solat sunat hari raya at the nearby musolla which was less than 100 feet from my in laws house. Breakfast was ketupat soto with begedil. I had 2 helpings without neither hesitation nor guilt. Yum yum.

raya haji

Then we travelled to my parents house in Selangor. It was less festive at my own home but it was a season of joy all the same. Father greeted us at the door with a white pagoda and plain khakis whilst Mother was out to Giant Hypermarket with my sister buying stuff for our private function the same evening.

Privatela sangat... what it means that we get to do our BBQ in baju kelawar and kain pelikat. Without tudung and stuff. My sister made her annual Shepherd’s Pie, there were chicken wings, hot dogs, mashed potato with gravy and carbonated drinks.

the most decent photo that night ...

the most decent photo that night …


We had to return to Malacca the very next day as I was on the evening shift on Friday. My parents of course understood. We even managed to stop at Alor Gajah for its famous rojak tambi. Eid Mubarak everyone – hope all of you had a good one.

raya haji1

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