Review : Handsocks from Kulsocs

I love to buy anything online which has a proper merchandise website. Meaning a proper checkout cart, easy payment system and of course trusted courier service. Which is why Instagram may not be my best place to shop cause you to have to WatSApp or Private Message the seller and this can be a headache and ‘suspicious’. Having this in mind, during #mycybersale2015 week, I bought hand socks from Kulsocs.


The hand socks come in 2 different lengths 19cm/30cm and of various designs. I just wish that Kulsocs would consider the idea of manufacturing hand socks longer than 30 cm to cover the upper arms. It would be great to wear with T shirts.


It is as simple as clicking your items to put them in the cart. I made my payment online and had the digital proof of payment receipt uploaded to the site. I received my parcel in less than 10 days as the company delivers twice a week.

This is me wearing the Glitter Hand socks in Purple (G010) with my baju kurung. If I were any plump-ier, I don’t think the handsock would fit properly as this was snug enough for myself.


I really hope that Kulsocs would continue to become more adventurous in producing more designs and lengths of course. It would be a disappointment if they become content with the current designs they have in the web. Young mothers still wants to look hip and cool at work and also while jalan2. He he.


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