The parents are coming

I will be receiving guests at my house this weekend. And I am not oncall!! Woohooo.. My parents are coming with my younger sister and her little family. It will be a Full House!

So you could imagine the preparations I’m doing at the moment

  • washing the old linens and duvets
  • stocking up the fridge with ‘proper food’ like fruits and vegetables and fresh poultry. not that I can cook like a chef but hey its the thought that counts
  • vacuuming every corner of the house – I will mop the floor on the morning of their arrival.ha ha
  • my pregnant sister is already requesting that I have a few packets of saltine crackers or Cottage Fries crisp in the pantry
  • storing away toys with little parts since my nephew likes to put everything in his mouth

now that’s a lot going on right – only problem is half of it is still in my head. I have yet to pick up the vacuum stick.

Pinterest and Instagram have been giving me a lot of inspirations in making our guest rooms cosy. In one picture, there was even a suggestion to do a ‘guest welcoming basket’ filled with wonderful toiletries, magazine and such. However I could imagine my mother picking up the basket and put in the floor – not even bothering to appreciate the fine details that go with it. Ha ha h.. biasalah urang tua. 

I have less than 2 days to conjure magic in transforming this little house into a mystifying shire-like home fit for hobbits. I hope I will not be distracted during my oncall tomorrow.

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