Ikhlas …. No?

I once told myself that working in the emergency unit or anaesthesia is the best discipline to be if you want to self-test on the virtue of Ikhlas. 

It’s because patients often forget the first responders or gatekeepers  who detects a particular abnormality and contemplate on whether the person needs a referral or next visit or safely discharged. Or the doctor who puts you to sleep and ease you of your pain while the other more important doctor fixes your leg or bowels or deliver your baby.

While Ikhlas have been going strong for the past few months – the spirit I feel is waning over time. I’m not quite sure whether I have that ounce of Ikhlas in my soul anymore. I just don’t feel like helping people that much.


Perhaps this is what people refer to as burnout. Where everything you do is just on auto-pilot. You think less, you care even less. Every patient that walks through the door has an agenda against you! They want to viral you on Facebook or pick a fight.

But of course these negative emotions tend to wither away after a few encounters with feeble old ladies with electrolyte imbalance or old grumpy men with asthma attacks – they are really sick after all.

I am looking forward to November – I have a few #BurnoutBasher projects up my sleeve. InsyaAllah … 

*menuju keikhlasan*

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