First attempt at laksa

It was daunting but I did it. This has got to be the most complicated dish I ever served to anybody. And this is coming from someone who has no idea how to cook a proper kuah kacang for Hari Raya.

I made Laksa Penang today. Or is it Laksa Utara? I couldn’t tell the difference.

My parents and my younger sister together with her family was in town. This morning moi made some nasi goreng ikan bilis and egg + tomato sandwiches. I felt we needed something lighter for lunch so I browsed Google for ‘recipe laksa penang mudah guna ikan mackerel dalam tin‘. There were a few trustworthy sites and recipe until I found 2 distinct ones that I could combine to make into a Minci Malas tapi Nak Masak Version. 

Missing an important garnish ingredient: hard boiled egg

Missing an important garnish ingredient: hard boiled egg

I should have been more prepared in the kitchen for I was later finding myself sprinting from the kitchen to the laptop in the living room to check on my steps. For some reason, I did not feel it was appropriate to mobilise my laptop to the kitchen. Perhaps I enjoyed the running and drama.

My sister said it was delicious. I’m not quite sure if she was genuine. Ha ha. But since the laksa noodles were finished in one sitting, I supposed there is truth somewhere. I still have some leftover gravy for the next batch if I feel like it. Here’s to my personal cooking adventure!!

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