A ProducKtive sWashing day…

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It was one of those days where I got really productive and a had a lot of things done – I applied for a new debit card because my current one had a faulty chip. The lady at CIMB bank probably had hyperthyroidism for she was all over the place. Her customer relation skills were like ‘off’ but her coworkers compensated well.

First she called me adik. That I can still tolerate. But upon knowing that I’m a medical doc by profession she started shoving all these unwanted, pushy offers of applying for a credit card to my face. That burst the mini bubble. But still she didn’t get the point.

Ayo, card free pun you tak mau kah?

Please lady – I love FREEBIES only if they were of benefit to me. If not, give them to somebody else. And she still hasn’t returned my pen. Mr precious Faber Castell ball point pen in black ink. It was new!!

After the bank related stuff, I got to post my Shoppee items and a few postcards for postcrossing. It disheartens me when sometimes I get postcrossers who are fussy. Like how am I supposed to find a postcard with The Beatles pictures on it? Unless they’re self-made!!

I had an early SOLO lunch  – nasi ayam from The Chicken Rice Shop. I was literally craving for its taufu in oyster sauce.

And finally, after the meal and a few magazines, I made a short trip to DAISO to feast my eyes on the washi tapes on sale. I did not buy anything – I think the washi’s I get online are prettier. When I reach home – I did the ultimatum task – folding the laundry. 3 big baskets of them. Huhu..

I’m hoping for more productive days like these. So I could just stroll in the mall taking my time to think about the blessings in my everyday life.

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