Weekend in Kuala Lumpur at Izumi Hotel, Bukit Bintang

Apart from being my fathers part time personal assistant (PA), I have also been kept busy with my proper job as a medical officer. I have been selected to attend a weekend conference. Yah.. bila mana ko tak oncall dia suro gi kursus – Thank god, the conference was beneficial and interesting. buatnye dia suro aku attend rashes in pediatric patients.. or asthma in pediatrics – aku akan mengamok sebulan.


So I happily booked a hotel near the venue of the conference. I was not willing to splurge that much money at JW Marriot itself, so I booked Izumi Hotel. Somehow rasa tertipu dengan Agoda.Com because the rate offline was cheaper than online. Tapi takpe.. rezeki hotel.

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Both Mr Husband and I are not really familiar with Kuala Lumpur. So we were technically tourist in our own country. WAZE was hopeless in directions – hence turned to Google Map for help. The entry to the hotel was into a very small Jalan Berangan just under the fly-over near the Arab Restaurant (middle pic). Go slow, you might miss the turn. Turned out, the hotel had a GREAT location.

Like wow.. dalam map nampak jauh sikit tapi the shopping places were like so near!! Everything is within walking distance. The husband and child should not by any means get bored okay?!!! Pavillion, LOT 1o, Fahrenheit Shopping Mall, Sungei Wang plaza was practically sepelaung away. There were lots of options of restaurants to have a meal. Arab? Malay? Western? Chinese? A bar? You name it!  For a while, Bukit Bintang seemed like a foreign place because of the flock of international tourists everywhere! So meriah!!!

We did not even have to use our car which was kept in the ‘lift carpark’ of IZUMI hotel which was co-shared with Fortuna Hotel. I was so impressed.

The ladies at the hotel reception were ever so helpful. We had complimentary newspaper (The Star), free WIFI in every room, complimentary drinking bottles of water and coffee in the room. On top of that, there was an ironing area and water dispenser on our floor (level 8) for both hot and icy cold drinks.

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My boy loved the shower. Interestingly, there was a small glass window separating the bathroom and the bed, so I can watch over my boy while he so called independently showers himself. Ha ha.

We paid about MYR 130/night. There were breakfast options at its very own IZUMI Bistro but we didn’t take it. I would definitely choose this hotel again in the future.

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A ProducKtive sWashing day…

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It was one of those days where I got really productive and a had a lot of things done – I applied for a new debit card because my current one had a faulty chip. The lady at CIMB bank probably had hyperthyroidism for she was all over the place. Her customer relation skills were like ‘off’ but her coworkers compensated well.

First she called me adik. That I can still tolerate. But upon knowing that I’m a medical doc by profession she started shoving all these unwanted, pushy offers of applying for a credit card to my face. That burst the mini bubble. But still she didn’t get the point.

Ayo, card free pun you tak mau kah?

Please lady – I love FREEBIES only if they were of benefit to me. If not, give them to somebody else. And she still hasn’t returned my pen. Mr precious Faber Castell ball point pen in black ink. It was new!!

After the bank related stuff, I got to post my Shoppee items and a few postcards for postcrossing. It disheartens me when sometimes I get postcrossers who are fussy. Like how am I supposed to find a postcard with The Beatles pictures on it? Unless they’re self-made!!

I had an early SOLO lunch  – nasi ayam from The Chicken Rice Shop. I was literally craving for its taufu in oyster sauce.

And finally, after the meal and a few magazines, I made a short trip to DAISO to feast my eyes on the washi tapes on sale. I did not buy anything – I think the washi’s I get online are prettier. When I reach home – I did the ultimatum task – folding the laundry. 3 big baskets of them. Huhu..

I’m hoping for more productive days like these. So I could just stroll in the mall taking my time to think about the blessings in my everyday life.

Medan 2014 : Shopping on a budget?


I can see why some people take pride in being able to do their shopping overseas. And I totally understand why online retailers and ‘pemborong’ in Malaysia gets euphoric while shopping in generally, Indonesia. Even I find it difficult to shop for my own collection without having to deal with the Indonesian retailer who keeps pushing for me to buy more so they could give me a good price.

For God’s sake, I just want 1 pair. Still, we gathered experience shopping at their many pajaks and malls.


Bless Medan for having Matahari departmental store. It reminds me of Aeon we have back home. We were lucky that Matahari was having a sale. Almost all the items on sale have a 50-75% discount – perhaps in conjunction with the Indonesia Independence Day  – and other offers include Beli 2 Gratis 1 (buy 2-free-1 deal).

I got myself a batik-motif jacket with a matching mustard top. Nice. Also a few other tops for my boy Hazeeq and nephew Adil.

I was however ‘conned’ into making a contribution to the store. The cashier was speaking so fast in her Indonesian accent that I ended up nodding my head – only to realize that she has deducted 50 000 IDR from my change for the donation. Pffftt.. I could buy another top with that.

I learnt my lesson though.Hence on my 2nd visit to Matahari at a different mall, I quickly said ‘enggak mahu sumbang.. mau kembali”. Sounds very kedekut but feeling mehh at the same time. I am a  tourist! He he.


I did not enjoy going here. In fact, we spent less than an hour at this place after I’ve got my travelling telekung.


While I agree the price tags were cheap, I dislike the idea of having these persistent peddlers following us everywhere and persuading us to buy things from them – key chain, kids clothes etc.. Even Mr Husband described them as a being ‘aggressive’.

After a half-hearted haggling session at one of the stores, we angkat kaki and left the place.

I secured these travelling telekung for 60 000IDR/piece. I have to say though that the material was super lembut and not transparent which was important for prayer. I currently don’t wear them for my travels but use it in the comfort of my own home. Its like too attention seeking to wear a minty green telekung in public.



Medan Mall reminds me of Wisma Satok, Kuching with more variety despite its small size. It is also connected to a another open-air pajak and that is where the shopping happens. I bought 3 jubah/long dress and a mini batik top. The jubah price ranges from 180 000 IDR/piece. Some garments are sold at as low as 100 000 IDR but agak-gaklah kan.. murah tuh murah tapi kualiti???



This was Mr Husbands favourite place. He morphed into a masculine shopaholic and of course, he treated me to a few clothes as well. Hehe.. rezeki jangan ditolak. Hazeeq and I ended up sitting at the side, exhausted while waiting for him to get the best deal. We wanted baju batik sedondon and material -wise was a challenge. Men can’t wear silk and most nice designs were made from silk.



Still, he walked out from the place a very happy man as we managed to find what we were looking for plus a few telekung and jubah for his mother. I was a happy wife too.. yeay yeay baju baru lagi.. 


Last but not least, we also strolled at this mall. This was like any other shopping malls we have in Malaysia. I browsed through their selection of hijabs and scarfs at the little boutiques but I daresay that tudung designs by our young Malaysian entrepreneurs online lagi classy and interesting. So if you want to shop for hijabs, JOM VISIT MALAYSIA.


In between our shopping session, we also come across nice smelling bakeries and local products yang sedap. Hmmm.. local ke.. tak sure.. but we did brought back boxes of tea and coffee to try at home.


The days in Medan were definitely well spent. We burnt calories by walking/shopping and as for Hazeeq.. I guess he is glad for naptime.


Medan : The Itinerary and Grand Angkasa International Hotel

“With Air AsiaGo, every ibuk can fly”

Finally, I had my birthday trip to Medan last weekend. However, I should mention that this trip has no Brastagi. No Piso-piso Waterfall. Not even a visit to Paten or Hillpark Sibolangit. No Bika Ambon. Danau Toba? Forget it. We think that our dear boy Hazeeq could not stand the 6 hours journey in a confined space. Hence, the mini adventure was limited to just Bandar Medan.. and wow it was still a worthwhile birthday ticket for a party of 3.

1.00 MYR = 3,702.00 IDR

Why Medan you may ask. Why not Bandung or Jakarta. Well.. simply because it was cheap on AirAsiaGo. We were undoubtedly excited about the trip and took much time reading outdated blog entries regarding Medan,till we have overlooked an important fact. The international airport tax in Medan per se has risen to 200 000 IDR fr0m 75 000 IDR starting May 2014. Perghh… nasib jak ada duit lebih. Mun sik.. gine nak bayar yah..

Grand Angkasa international Hotel

In Medan, we lived like royalty.


We thought our hotel was a 3 star accommodation because of the price but it turned out to be a 5 star hotel.  They were also kind enough to give us a room with proper double bed instead of twin single beds that we initially booked. Breakfast was not included but what the heck.. makan luar ajalah.. As you can see, our days were liven up by the spirit of food and shopping. We went to every single pajak or mall we could think of with the BETOR (beca motor) as our favourite mode of transportation despite Hazeeq’s frequent refusal, “naik motor burok agi?”

a betor with a door

Here is a glimpse of our itinerary.

Fullscreen capture 2582014 90344 PM

Of course the room was clean, housekeeping was superb. Mr Husband made it a point for them to replenish our shower gels that have been used walaupun pada hakikatnya it has been stashed away.. he he. Beds were comfortable. TV reception was satisfactory. We even managed to catch up on movies like White House Down and G.I Joe during Hazeeq’s afternoon 3 hour nap.

Later, stories of shopping and our culinary adventure!!

Tudung Bawal at Bazaar Rakyat, Tesco

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”
–Charles Dickens

What is in this mysterious bag? The happy bag..



I just discovered tudung bawal heaven today. At Bazaar Rakyat , Tesco Melaka.
I know! lumpy kan.. baru skrang nak discover.

I went to the store yang ada tulis JOHOR. The tauke had an Indonesian accent to her speech. Non-Hijabi but very very kind in her discounts. I would love to patron her store again. She was so generous and offered the slashed prices without me even asking for it. In fact, I was prepared to pay the printed price but hey, rezeki jangan ditolak. After all, I am buying 9 pieces of tudung !

Here’s a breakdown of the bawals I bought:

The plain bowel
RP: MYR 10/piece. No discounts


The rainbow bawal
RP: MYR 18/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 20


The studded bawal
RP : MYR28/piece
Discount : Buy 2 for MYR 50




The kerawang bawal
RP : MYR39/piece
Discount : MYR30/piece


The special name bawal – i – forgot-name
RP: MYR49/piece
Discount: MYR45/piece



I spent a total MYR175 for the bawals. The best part is I get another MYR 5 discount!! So it was just MYR170. Alhamdulilah.. rezeki raya rah Kuching tahun tok.