Eid Mubarak 2016 : Bringing Sarawak to Malacca

“Selamat Hari Raya”
There’s a lot of greetings like above going on for the past few days as Ramadhan comes to an end. I will miss the time when we learn to solidify the traits of self-control and self-discipline. A time when we re-learn what and who to prioritize over wordly matters.

I enjoyed this years Ramadhan very much. I felt that the opportunities to do good were abundant – it was only a matter of whether I opt to grab these rewards or otherwise. There were times I got too tried after a shift – that I missed Sahr. Thank God that was only one time. Most times I find that I could actually wake up early to sort out the household and perform Tahajud prayers if I want to. Insya-Allah.. now I only have to make it a routine.

I also love Eid this year as my parents are coming over to my place for the celebration. In fact, my whole family will be staying here for a few days to join in the fun of beraya in Malacca.

My little family is in red this year. Mr Husband bought our outfits during Raya Eve. Yay.. Free baju. He he..

After the routine Solat Raya and salam2 cium lutut – the whole family followed my husbands family to go house-hopping at the relatives and basically Eat. My father was concerned that it would be odd to have strangers (referring to themselves) barging in to another persons house but really – they are not total strangers at all. They have met before – when Mr Husband asked for my hand in marriage bringing his rombongan from Malacca to our house for the merisik ceremony. In a way – they would know each other. Then he was more relaxed. And he had the most fun – it was evident judging from the amount of food he ate.

We enjoyed rendang, kuah kacang, sate. Mother made her special Sarawakian Raya dish – Daging Masak Hitam. A sweet beef dish adorned with raisins. It was so good.. I did not want to share with guests. He he..


The 1st day of Eid passed by really fast. Our energy levels were draining by the end of the day despite eating and drinking at every house we went to. Ironic right?

Did you guys do anything special for Eid?

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