Being a parent is to be present

The thing about kids is that they only remember the moments when you are not there. Contrary to adults, QUALITY may not be the best way to go as they tend to value QUANTITY more. At least not until they’re 7 or something. So I have to thank technology for camouflaging the fact that I’m not physically there with my son.

For instance, Whatsapp with their voice recording feature. Sometimes when I am oncall, my boy would send me a voice message illustrating his very important day/night acitivites and achievements – like how he managed to not pee in his diapers overnight and woke up dry! Or the time when he was coached by Mr Husband to say that he loves his daddy more just because he bought a new toy. Ha ha.


But yes, it got me thinking. Here I am being this young working mother trying to adhere  to all these modern, urban parenting advice dispensed by those with more experience. Less TV time, no phones, spend productive and efficient time with children etc. While these parenting theories or how-tos are useful  – I still think to make parenthood magical is up to you.

Use them as guides to make better decisions. To suit your lifestyle and such. But follow your maternal instinct at the same time. I once envisioned myself teaching Ee 3 different languages but ended up feeling okay that he knows how to say ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘sorry’. I wanted him to read the encyclopedia by 8 years old but I suppose I’m content that he knows how to read his age at the moment. I know that I could teach him to be a better person if I was there. If I make a presence. So he could see me, mimic me, listen to me, hug me and laugh with me.

Didiklah anak seiring dengan zamannya

There’s a lot more to know and understand about parenthood and husband-wife relationship with a child in the picture. Being an MD does not make me know about everything there is to know about raising a kindie.  

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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