My boo is back …

It’s been a while since I caught him staring at me while I slept. And I felt loved. At 33. 

No. I am not talking about Soong Joong Ki.

For the past year – I have gotten used to being alone at home with Ee at night especially when Mr Husband is in KL . He rents a small room in an urban flat just so he could conveniently go to his classes on the weekdays. He was after all pursuing his Masters – sacrifice is almost mandatory. Unlike some couples who connect through phonecalls – we got in touch through Watsapp and sending voice messages. It has always been like that since courtship years – we were just not the gayut type. But when we go out for our dates – we really talk about stuff. It felt more real and of course on my part – animated – to tell a story face to face.

So when he recently passed his year as a Masters Student and started his semester break  – he no longer need to be in KL that much anymore.This means both Ee and I could have him to ourselves as this manly figure in the house. The house felt a tad safer with Mr Husband around. I no longer need to double, triple check the locks of the house. I don’t have to wear jeans under my kaftan. Nor do I need to keep my car keys under my pillow. I don’t have to sleep at the hospital when I’m on night shift and have to continue for the next morning shift. Better still – my sleep is more rested at home as I don’t have to be extra cautious of the sounds my house makes at night. Ha ha.

He is back to helping me with the laundry. Bathing our boy in the early morning. Preparing breakfast on days I find difficult to drag my butt out of the bed. mow the lawn. And watch me as I sleep with those loving eyes I never knew he had. We are going into our 6th year of marriage and I had thought he wouldn’t look at me like how we first met anymore. I was wrong. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. He literally paid RM150 for a weekend lesson from a male masseuse on the art of massage. Just so he could give me a good spa-like therapy at home. All this commitment was done while I was oncall. If that is not love – I don’t know what is.


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