Gajah berjuang bersama gajah, pelanduk mati di tengah2

It was nice to end the day with a humorous pantun. And dinner for 2 adults (with a sleeping kindie). After all the drama!


Today I am reminded of a comic picture I once came across on Facebook. Of how 1 person saw the number 6 and the one opposite him saw a 9. Theoretically they are both right if we were to look at it from where they are standing. But wouldn’t it be nicer if they could show the person opposite them what they are seeing by bringing him to where they are standing. So they could both see the number 6 and 9. Coming from that same figure. 

While it is interesting to have a patient with a list of differential diagnosis to work out – at the end of the day, when something needs to be done quickly – we want these opposing parties to agree on a common ground which will benefit the patient. But who are we to make suggestions. So its like how a friend puts it – let the big guns decide. We will be the little elves helping magic to happen.

You don’t agree with me? You become a specialist first, and then you come back and argue with me …

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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