Prego Minci, prego…


Yes. I’m pregnant. On an unnofficial basis. Just based on this urine test. Meaning I haven’t done my antenatal booking and have yet to do my dating scan. It’s just too early. I’ll do them next month.

This is my 3rd pregnancy test after a few irregular cycles and late periods. I did not even want to check when I was late for this month but my body was ‘behaving very weirdly’. It’s like I just want to lie down – everyone is annoying sorta thing. Despite my high spirit nature at work – I felt my body working against me. And gosh.. I am experiencing morning sickness. THIS IS SO NEW TO ME. Which seems to peak at about 8AM and last till noon. I feel better for a while and then my head goes all woozy in the evening till night. Oncall would be challenging this trimester.

Honestly I don’t remember feeling like this in my first pregnancy. I did have obsessions to certain food and smell especially towards potatoes and chip back then. Which explains why I ballooned up from 48KG to 62KG at the time. Then I would wash my hands very often with that ‘scrubbing foam soap’ ever so frequent just because I loved the smell.


Once I saw the double line on my urine  test – I immediately regretted my visit to the mamak that morning for I fear having Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). HAHAHA. I bought Obimin from Watsons for my daily supplement. I stocked up on vege (broccoli) mainly. I drank more water until I pee-ed like water too.

Of course Mr Husband got very excited. Alhamdulilah was muttered over and over again. It did got me thinking as to why we are blessed with this now. But like I’ve always put it – there is always a reason for everything.

There must be a reason as to why I was selected to participate in the O&G Life Saving Skills course the other day. Perhaps to meet my future ObsGyn Docs. hehe. Or as to why I get to meet old friends recently. And have new wonderful colleagues in casualty like I have now. I have yet to share the news with them as its still too early. I don’t want them to feel sorry if I get too lembik at work. But yeah.. if I can’t handle it, nak tak nak have to inform lah hohhhh – 

But yeah – fingers crossed everything will go well. I haven’t actually been taking Folic Acid 3 months prior to conceiving. I just hope that its not too late to start and provide a nice home for this child. Will do my dating scan soon. InsyaAllah. And document my journey too.


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