So called glowing in my 2nd trimester

The ‘glow’ is most likely because of my makeup. Not heavy makeup but just enough foundation, blusher and lip tint to make myself visible as the medical officer on duty.

Just like my previous pregnancy (6 years ago), I am able to so far experience Ramadhan in my 2nd trimester – which is always the best part of pregnancy. You have higher energy levels as compared to the earlier weeks and you’re not much of a penguin yet, hence still being able to still do your daily chores and work commitments. My recent checkup showed that my urine infection has cleared up and should be able to continue my subsequent antenatal checkups uneventfully.

I’m bustling around a lot these days keeping up with folding the laundry and keeping them away, updating my wardrobe by giving my already tight clothes to my younger sister. Stocking up my fridge with healthier options. Climbing chairs (carefully)  as I rummage through my storage items looking for Ee’s old newborn clothings. Yup, I still keep them after all these years. In other words, can you imagine the hope we have from time to time for a 2nd child that I still hand on to these tiny clothes? I found his old stroller and Moses basket which would be useful later on. Mr Husband somehow ‘buang tabiat’ by buying talcum powder. Awal giller kot.. ko nak bedak sapa.. 

I made myself a To-Do List on an A4 paper as I try to keep up with work related stuff as trivial as sending in my oncall claims and updating my CPD points. Then there’s the more fun stuff of preparing my Parcel Kasih Sayang and making Eid preps. We are not expecting visitors to our home this year, tak kuasa I nak hidang2 bagai – but we are definitely going over to other peoples houses this year. Hurrah…

My little Syazmin has so far been quite a blessing. He/She has given us the Rezeki of ‘Good Timing’ so far that I couldn’t ask for more. I can’t really put it in words but a lot of Alhamdulilah moments has been experienced so far when it comes to work and also family. And it ripples on to Mr Husband as well which is a good thing. And lucky colleagues I suppose, kan? Entahlah… 

I’m praying for more good things to come. Insya-Allah… Allah knows best.

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