Me Time in Ramadhan

It’s 0329H in the morning. I have another hour to go before I start to prepare Sahur for the family. I have been up since 0200H. Partly because of the baby waking up wanting milk and to change her diapers, another part was so I could solat Isyak, Tahajud and do some Quran reading. I also need to prep things for Ee’s school hols activity at his neneks house – this would mean arithmetic exercises and reading.

I have yet to fold the laundry which is piling up as fast as dust building up on the furniture. Most importantly this is a good opportunity for Me Time. 

Me Time involves me blogging, reading other peoples blog, doing some Quran tagging … or planning and journaling in my HOboMInci. I like that I can do these things in solitude without those ridiculing/mengusik eyes of Mr Husband. He is an extrovert. A typical one. Type A personality. He is very upfront in his conversations with people. He finds it difficult to understand why I need to blog. Or write in journals. Or why I choose not to work in the same clinic as his sister. So I do these things at times when he is not around. Or if he is around, I would sit somewhere where I could be alone. Lock the door if I must.

Me Time at work is during lunch hour. Where I have that one hour to reflect on things that morning and plan my moves and improvise my treatment plan for the evening sessions. I could also catch up on some reading on my Google Book app which is cool, cause reading on the smartphone makes you look less nerdy. Ha ha.

It is 0357H. Need to mark Ee’s math work now. Chiaow.



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