Weaving the ketupat



Eid is just around the corner and my clinic staffs were very eager to decorate the place and uplift the mood for Hari Raya. My task was to weave the ketupat. The face which sought my help was so hopeful that I mumbled a weak “sure” but had my mind racing to find that “file of anyam ketupat’ lost in my brain cells somewhere.


My only lesson in weaving ketupat was what my Mother In Law taught me many years ago. Tapi punyalah bebal masa tu – satu ketupat pun tak berjaya. I understood the concept but my non-talented hands were not cooperating until recently. Perhaps its was a mix of determination , mild coercion, wanting to please sort of feeling which became the catalyst to succeed in this mission.


On top of the basic ideas I kinda already knew, I looked up on some tutorial videos from Youtube. Ironically yang mengajarnya banyak lelaki. Ha ha. I studied one particular video for about an hour – buat practical at the same time and soon 1 ketupat which took me about 20 minutes to complete became a less than 5 minute job.

I felt accomplished. Perasan genius ada jugak. 

I am happy that I get to learn one more extra skill. Now I can enter that competition of weaving ketupat on our annual Haji Jamal family day. And occupy the last place competing with the more senior ladies. LOL.


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