It’s late, I apologized

I had to apologize to roughly 13 patients today.


part of the pile

For arriving late. And they had to wait for their scan. They waited for 90 minutes. Not my fault. I was just stepping in for someone else. But sometimes patients need to vent their frustrations and anger. It’s not easy being heavily pregnant and having things not going your way. But I was lucky today. The ladies still had smiles on their faces (some reluctant, probably trying to keep their cool) but I am grateful anyway that no one blurted out harsh words.

Undeniably, I was angry for this miscommunication. This situation could have been avoided if The Scheduled Person made a reminder to the other colleagues. We do not keep up with your private engagements okay.

Secondly, I was also a bit pissed that I had to be thrown under the bus. Do you know how difficult it is to apologize to 13 different patients with a variety of personalities? I am just thankful that today, my mothers are all understanding and have the patience of a Buddha.

Each of my deep hearted apologies were replied with an

“its ok. it is still early”


“takpe. saya OK je doktor.. takde benda nak kejar”

This sort of response diffuses the tension and I was able to concentrate on my tasks for the day – to scan these ladies and give them the extra joy of informing them whether they will be expecting a boy or a girl.

If there was anything that I could take away from today was probably Sabar. And makes lots if doa to Allah for HIm to ease your day. InsyaAllah.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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