Ambuyat challenge : what was wrong with it

A lovely Malaysian Instafamous couple was under fire recently for their own personal Ambuyat Challenge. 

Ambuyat is a dish derived from the interior trunk of the sago palm. It is a starchy bland substance, similar to tapioca starch

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To those not in the know of who this couple is, the pair are founders for a local beauty product, NSA Beauty. They both work very hard as an individual and even harder when they became husband and wife. The wife, Syafiqah Aina (SA) was a renowned Muslimah model in Malaysia and was a good one at that. They enjoy displaying their affection out loud in public and announce their love for each other through grand celebrations of birthdays and such. I mean, why not… since they have the means to do so being successful business icons.

So on one fine day during their work trip to Brunei, the husband challenged the wife to try the ambuyat. I have personally tried ambuyat or linut as it is known in Sarawak, and it is a dish which may not be palatable to everybody. It is an acquired taste. So it should be simple to understand that not everyone may like the dish including the wife, SA. Everyone has the right to not like certain food. It’s a matter of preference.

So what went wrong?

SA’s dislike towards the dish was recorded on video in a public space. Naturally, anybody would demonstrate a certain facial expression when they try something strange. But not everyone would exaggerate the response. And make a scene. Unfortunately, SA was the very few who did otherwise. She had a face of disgust and purged without a single filter in the world.

Personally, I think the most appropriate response towards a dish that you do not enjoy would be to just stop eating, decline the next serving politely and just mention it is something not to your liking. And perhaps you can try try something else. If you must purge, do it quietly in a napkin.

You do not retch loudly in plain sight with other customers at the place, run towards the end of the table, grab a tissue and make sensitive comments. It’s acts like these that makes people piss off. Imagine the cook preparing their traditional dish with great pride for a non-local to try it, only to be met by such response. I would be sad. It would be enough with an expression of ‘hhmmmm.. mungkin saya tak pandai makan ni. Tapi terima kasih tau.. ” 

The video the husband made was met with critics. (of course lah.. ) He however in defense, said that it was meant to promote ambuyat to other people. Well, all I can say is.. it sure is a weird method of promoting ambuyat. I really hope they learn a few points or two from this incident cause I still think that despite being young, they are still lovely.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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