A Weekend Affair of a Meeting , Pyjamas Party and the Merisik Entourage (Malay Surveying Custom)

For most of the time, it’s an alhamdulilah when my stars are aligned by Allah as I get to complete a lot of things in a little amount of time. Just like the recent weekend where I get to spend time with my friends, family and mengumpat other people.

The Meeting

I may have mentioned before that my high school friends (batch 2000) are planning a Back To School (BTS) event next year. It’s not just any reunion for this was an opportunity for us to get back together having left the school for 20 years on top of making a contribution to the school. There were a few new faces at the meeting which was great. I like that we are reshuffling groups as I feel I did not contribute that much in my previous team. Most importantly, it is awesome when the heads of the committee echo my thoughts of wanting us all to have FUN but not to the extent of syok sendiri. ha ha.


I also like that our batch is now registered as a society and we can move forward as sisters – looking out for each other and our kids. The meeting was very fruitful and I guess we could all see our directions better.


Then there was my nephews 3rd birthday party. His mom, my younger sister prepares the best food in the world. Despite the recycled decorations of Ben 10, we had a great time – as always.



The cake was pre-ordered from Berry’s. It was a delicious choc and vanilla cake covered with fresh cream.


It’s a mini entourage on behalf of my youngest brother in law to seek a particular ladies hand in marriage. In traditional Malay custom, we don’t get down on one knee. Instead, if you really like a girl and wants to marry her, you inform your parents so they could meet the parents/guardian of this particular lady, get some information about the girl and her family and most importantly find out if she is seeing someone in particular. Of course, in modern context, we already know that they are seeing each other. 

Perhaps, this is a way of getting the parents involved. So that, these youngsters do not cross the line and respect the relationship they have with each other and form a good impression to the respective families.

The merisik (spying) part from our side was done by the eldest uncle. If this was England, you’d hear proper English being spoken complete with their beautiful idioms and proverbs between the 2 parties. In our setting, we had a serious yet calm opening statement mentioning the purpose of the visit and what both families hope to achieve, interlaced with mini pantuns here and there. Kinda reminded me of my own merisik ceremony sometime ago. If done rightly, it is a beautiful Malay custom.


The future bride’s side did not set any amount for the hantaran. But of course, knowing my in laws, they would give the best for this lady. Just like how it was for me. My mother in law put a ring on the girls finger to officiate this ‘spying’ ceremony. InsyaAllah, they will have a quick engagement and nikah on the same day later of the year. I just hope my weekend is not disrupted with anything.

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