The mysterious task

We called over Yasin for a special task today. He will be paid RM50 for a job requiring less than 30 minutes to execute.

Yasin is our regular grass cutter. He is a Bangladeshi and he works legally with a local company doing landscaping, general drain cleaning and grass mowing. To earn extra money, he does freelancing grass cutting. Before Yasin, we had Sohail to mow our lawn but then Sohail completed his legal working contract and was ready to go home. So, he passed his mobile phone to Yasin and that was how we got to know him.

Yasin’s usual job is to cut our grass once a month. We would give him a fee for his effort and most of the time I would throw in a packed hot meal for him to tapau home depending on what we’re having for the day. Sometimes it is rice, others would be noodles – on the odd days I’d just make him Indomie with fried egg for his dinner.

Today, Mr Husband called him in for a different task. It was actually a chore that Mr Husband had to do but since he has a weak gut – he passed it on to another person. He should give Yasin a raise.

We have this bathroom that we have not used for a very long time because the flush doesn’t work. Husband is taking ages to fix it. Naturally, it became musty as ventilation is poor. Little did we know that the bathroom were beginning to have visitors until one day we noted a very distinct rotting smell. We had thought that it could be something dead in our attic since the stray cats love to eat their meals there but upon checking, there was nothing there.

The smell became stronger every week and it started to linger into the living hall and such. Soon we were able to follow the scent and it came from the bathroom. Now, just so you know, we had made sure that the toilet lid and the drain hole was closed when we decided to put the bathroom at rest. So when I decided to check the bathroom I was so surprised to see animals in there! DEAD ANIMALS!

Thankfully I am not the sort of person who screams but the sight did make me jolt a bit. Mr Husband macam biasa bukannya nak tengok coz he geli. *rolleyes*.

I saw a little dead frog decomposing near the bath tub water plug and as I stepped nearer, I then saw a decomposing big black lizard. Probably the length of my forearm. I’m not quite sure which animal died first although the story behind it would be interesting. From what I gather, they are both in the 2nd stage of decomposition. The bloat stage – where they release gas that cause the body to rupture. I feel it has not entered the active stage cause there were no maggots and fluids around. (thank god). The putrid odour was unbearable as I entered the bathroom. There were 2 other dead cockroaches and that was it.

Yasin came and Mr Husband assisted him in the 3D challenge. Dirty, Dangerous & Demeaning. In less than 30 minutes, the carcasses are out of the house.

It is still puzzling to us as to how these animals gained access to the bathroom. We feel that the bath tub drain was too small for them to enter plus the toilet bowl and floor drain entry points does not seemed compromised. Do frogs and lizards have abilities like cats to squeeze themselves into really small holes? Or have we overlooked an opening that we are not aware off? Or did the lizard came when it was still small and grew inside our bathroom by feeding on frogs and cockroaches? Bizarre right? Mr Husband went as far as to guessing that this had to do with black magic. Like, omg.. is someone trying to send us a spell and these reptiles magically landed in our bathroom. oh boy, what if it was a snake? That would be really creepy.

I hope that will be the end of our surprises. I hope not to discover any more dead animals soon. urgh.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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