Grasping the unspoken rule

Every morning en route to sending my youngest to nursery, I would pass by a primary school. The parents would drive in a bee line and send their kids in front of the school gate where the teachers and security guard are waiting to assist the drop off safely.

I used to also wait in that bee line as the turn to Ninie’s nursery is just around the corner. Later, I improvised and sent Ninie using a different entry route but my exit was still the road in front of the school. It was very congested because the road (in the morning) looked like it could only fit vehicles going through one way.

I later observed an unspoken rule amongst these parents. They were meant to drive in a loop. You drop off your kid –> take the turn (the one I took for my kid) and then take another left turn into this first row of residential houses and exit accordingly. Inadvertently, I began doing the same although my kid is not going to the school.

The unspoken rule is everywhere. In medicine for instance, it is allowed to prescribe T. Metformin 1g TDS a day for a patient but normal practice only allows a maximum of 1g BD. Similarly, on prescribing HCTZ. Despite the safe dose of 50mg OD, better clinical practice would suggest only 12.5mg OD.

The unspoken rule exists in a family structure too. I cook, you clean. I wash the laundry, you fold the pile. I prepare breakfast, you think of dinner. No instructions involved but people get it and abide to it.

What can you tell from the Unspoken Rule?

You are part of the group

Needless to say part of the family, a community or fraternity. You have observed enough to understand the unspoken rule.

Derives from the best practice

.. with the best results. The drop off loop was unintentionally created most probably by a few parents first driven by logic to ease the congestion. Other parents began to follow suit having seen the results even though it takes a while to make that turn. Other exit methods exist too like making a U Turn or using the main road exit but this loop has proven to be the most practical.

Exclusive. Inclusive

The rule thus enables one to sift out newbies, wannabes etc. If say, someone went against the loop rule – this would raise a flag to the parents that this car owner is not a parent of a child in the school, an outsider OR this parent is simply a rule breaker and being ignorant.

While these rules are in place for the betterment of the community abiding to it, there are some unspoken rules which are ridiculous. I am sure some of us have come across that which then creates unnecessary stress in our lives. Do you have one? What was the most absurd, invisible rule you had to follow in your daily life?

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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