Welcome Bezza

My Saga FLX is into its 8th year of service under my reign. LOL. It has served me well during my own stint of service in Jasin as a medical officer. I serviced it regularly at its designated service area and I felt it was time to change for the better. The engine is making frequent loud noises on the verge of breaking down any time.

I surveyed a few cars. I was sitting on a Yariz, an Axia, another Saga 2020 and Bezza. I ruled out MYVI without a doubt as it has negative social associations to it. One being, a reckless and ill mannered driver. I am already a less skilled driver, I do not wish to add on to the statistics.

I finally decided on a Bezza because I loved the Red Granite colour in its Premium range. The space is huge and the interiors are sleek. I will miss having a CD player in the car but it’s OK. Dalam kereta je pun.. now people use bluetooth device and all. I also thought it was petite friendly. I tend to be a bit picky on that since I am 148cm. I want to look like I exist behind the steering wheels without trying too hard or look weird.


There were a few forwarded watsapp messages circulating in our family group of several Perodua agents . Since it was coming from quite a reputable source, I decided to message one of them based on the vibe I was getting off them messages (lol). I had my reservations at first but having checked the identity of the agent by making an anonymous call to the center, it kind of checked out.

My conversation with my agent, Shahril was very straightforward. I told him what car model I wanted and what sort of payment/loan terms I am looking at. I asked for a 90% loan from the bank. He needed a few documents such as;

  • mykid
  • driving license
  • payslip for past 3 months

I ended up with an 85% loan from Maybank with a 3.02% interest over 7 years and I paid the downpayment (RM6452.17) online to the dealer. Perhaps its was because I signed the loan agreement without a guarantor ? I don’t know. Maybe. It was difficult to liaise a time with my husband.

Then it was a waiting game. I ordered my car early February and received it in one month. I collected my car from his showroom at Bumiraya Motor Sdn Bhd, met him for the first time and posed for this picture.

So, if you ever need to get in touch with a Perodua agent do give Encik Shahril (o11 2665 8589) a heads up. All of our interactions were via watsapp messages – which is great for an introvert like myself. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry of not being able to pick up his call during work. Tell him you got his number from a Puan Yasmin. Applicable for those in Melaka only. Ha ha ha.

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