The Poltergeist are here. In Malaysia

Recently there was plenty of news regarding random knocking on doors and gates of houses. Back in the 19th century, these were mainly pranks by children. Only now it has escalated into these doings being done by mischievous spirits, poltergeists, black-Eyed children (my first time hearing of it) etc. If these are done by youngsters who have nothing better to do, my advice is “please.. stay at home. We still have a Covid-19 virus to fight”.

If they’re spirits, then Ya Allah please protect us from all harm

It would be interesting to unravel the science behind it though. There were a few theories circulating about how it is about sounds being transmitted. It has to do with the wind, seismic shift, the water, concrete and whatnot. Yet, this cannot entirely explain how people caught images of Nothing on CCTV even with the banging sounds at the metal gates. Surely it must have been an eerie experience. Have you heard of any interesting scientific theories of this ‘knocking door’ phenomenon? I’d really like to know.

Malaysians being the best trolls on the planet have started to dub this situation as ‘hantu ketuk-ketuk’. I am honestly waiting for the memes to crop up. ‘Hantu ketuk-ketuk’ seems to be travelling from Sabak Bernam down to Port Dickson and Melaka. I guess we will be keeping our ears open for news of this from our friends in Johor soon. Who knows the entities might cross the causeway and pay a visit to Singapore afterwards.

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