Lady M , from riches to rags

I had a lady, M and her one month baby coming in for the routine immunization jab. Long story short, her marriage is on the rocks and is heading for a divorce. Unfortunately it is not going anywhere because she doesn’t have the financial resources to proceed. Worser still, her support system is not that sturdy either. I can imagine that it has a lot to do with her choice of husband in the first place because it was after all, an intercountry, interracial and inter-religion union. It was not a smooth sailing journey to begin with and once it hits the rocks, she is pretty much on her own.

Having lived her previous life with a silver spoon in her mouth- I was able to witness how when adversity strikes, the high end members of the society also have a difficult time to adapt. It is evident when we see the ever gorgeous Ezuryn trying to teach her children the life of a humbled person, it is not easy, as it is not their world. Similar to Lady M. She is slowly being stripped off her Versace without her realizing it. I felt sorry for her because she has yet to grasp the concept of humility and come to terms that life will not be the same anymore. She has separated from her husband, not yet divorced but taking care of the kids with no allowance from her husband. She also doesn’t have a stable job and is living on the ‘savings’ that she have from her previous business venture. I had thought she should try reconnecting with her family despite what happened but only she’d know the extent of her family’s circumstances.

Lady M was a proud woman. I could sense that she actually needs help but refuse to ask for it. She is an independent woman and wants to make it on her own. I respect that although I think she can do better with a little lift. So, I did two things;

  • I asked if she would be interested to be in touch with our visiting social worker from JKM, the welfare department. They come once a month to the clinic to review cases that may require intervention on social issues that becomes a hindrance in tackling their health issues. She was initially hesitant but I convinced her that this could be a starting point to help her tackle her mess. After all, she had no inflowing income with two children to feed. It was the best I can do. She agreed to that.
  • Secondly, I sent some diapers and milk for her baby via a runner from Bungkusit. The brands for both items were on the pricey side but she claims it was the only thing that her baby could tolerate. I personally feel that there is room to explore on this part but due to time constraint during our consultation, I left it for other future sessions. I think she has already gone through enough during pregnancy and a month after postpartum is a crucial moment where we identify moms with postnatal depression. It’s a bit unwise to judge the choice of her diaper and milk brand during this stressful moments.

It is heartbreaking that some mothers have to endure these hard times after delivering a baby. It is not easy either to shift a lifestyle of vast riches to rags. I really hope that she will find in her heart the reason to reconnect with her loved ones so that her children will not suffer and live in resentment towards those living around them.

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