A not so long distance relationship

My husband’s specialist placement is in Johor, a state that has its weekends on a Friday and Saturday. They don’t even have a public holiday on the 1st of January to celebrate New Year. My husband was unaware of that including myself. I am sure most Malaysians are not aware of it too. He nearly did not turn up for work that day!

Johor is very expensive to live in. It was quite difficult to find a studio that’ll fit his budget and at an appropriate distance to his workplace. I have kind of decided not to follow him there as it would be a hassle to move between states and bring the kids with us. After all, we already have a home and good social support here. We are just a few hours drive away if he misses us. Indeed, the husband has been coming home on a weekly basis to see us. So, it ain’t really a legit long distance relationship (LDR).

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

In Johor, he has been putting himself up in budget hotel rooms switching in between his options of about 3-4 hotels. These rooms price range are at RM30 – RM50 per night. It is convenient for him so far since these hotels are not only air-conditioned, they have FREE WIFI, breakfast options (if the husband wants too) and are usually at good locations near malls or restaurants. He only books them for 4 nights as he’s usually at our gate by Thursday evening. That will amount to roughly between RM150 – RM200 per week. Sometimes he gets cashback on his app or vouchers from Agoda (being a platinum member and all) and his expenditures can drop to as low as RM100 per week. Which is way cheaper than renting a room or studio for the month. Unlike me, he doesn’t need a lot of accessories to life. He is a nomad by heart. He is fine with having a roof on his head and food in his belly at a bare minimum. He needs that humble abode to only rest, eat, shower and sleep. I am not quite sure how long he will be able to live like that because this placement is not for just a few months. It may take up to years therefore I am curious as to how his living strategies and preference will change.

As of now my routine at home is still pretty much relaxed. My son’s school has not been fully opened yet for face to face teaching due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. So, there is no rush in the morning to get everyone to school although I still send my youngest to daycare. The son on the other hand is dropped off at the grandmothers’ house together with his cousins where I will pick him up after work. I just need to prepare for breakfast and dinner at home. Lunch is sorted for the kids at daycare and at grandma’s house.

When the husband returns home, I find that he is more alert of what’s in the fridge and our pantry. He has been very helpful in getting the dry groceries nowadays (thank god, jimat duit sis) Also, the things that needs fixing like the toilet flush and all. Other than that, everything else is just fine. As for my part, I am less lazy to prepare breakfast for the kids, getting more obsessive with house cleaning and organizing, fairly motivated to get more study stuff done promptly as opposed to last minute work. I feel that I could do better though. I am still waiting for my transfer to a different health facility soon.

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