An exhausting lunch call week

We used to enjoy doing lunch call as we get to go back home one hour early. Some are willing to take another person’s call just to get those perks. Those who’d give up theirs are those who’d prefer to take a hearty lunch or a power nap just before the 2pm session starts. Those were the good old days.

Now it is not so much fun anymore as there are added responsibilities and mental burden. Taking Covid-19 samples that walk into your clinic, having endless discussions with the specialist on who is eligible for which investigation, covering the rural clinic the week after and other miscellaneous ‘lunch call Doc’ duties.

I am getting old. Lol.

I usually end up exhausted when I reach home everyday. I couldn’t even muster enough energy to cook up a meal. Thankfully, my son has had his dinner at his grandmothers house. Yet, I am still overweight. HA HA HA. All those stress eating later at night doesn’t help. The cookies, the crackers and cups of hot choc or tea are the main culprits. I don’t even have time to finish my Takdir Yang Tertulis series because my little free time is taken up by my much needed sleep and my assignments.

My misc task this week is to prepare a talk regarding the Covid-19 vaccine to an audience of healthcare workers. Like most people, I copy pasted the slides. I had an erratic sleep habit because my daughter likes to have those short wake-up moments in the middle of the night just to ask for a hug or a blanket. Sometimes I can resume my sleep. Otherwise, I’d had to wake up, smell the coffee, switch on the laptop and keep up with my assignments. So, it can be like a really early turn in at 830pm only to wake up later at 3am. Or shutting the eyes by 11pm and waking up at my normal hours of 530 in the morning. I hate the occasional, extreme, sleep-deprived hours of sleeping at 11pm, forced to wake up at 200am, trying to get back to sleep finally at 4am, only to be waking up again at 530am. That gives me a headache. I think it happened once this week. But it got me bothered, groggy and slightly disorientated the next day. I can’t even remember where I parked my car and there were only 2 parking lots at the clinic.

I did however learnt a few things about myself this week.

  • If things have to happen, I will by hook or by crook, make it happen
  • Resilience is my middle name.
  • Patience is my forgotten middle name but have lately resurfaced as my mental health is getting better. I owe it to the brief absence of my husband few days of the week. HA HA HA. Kidding. But yeah, I am using less profanity on the road. Maybe there is not much cars anyway because school is still closed.

well, that is to name the few. I believe there will be more surprises to come for lunch call staff. I can just feel it.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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