The after effects of Pfizer’s 2nd dose of injection

The ideal window for the 2nd jab is within 21 days but my batch of 6 people were deferred to a different date because of work commitment. But it is still within the 42 days stretch permissible. After the 1st dose, I only had minor discomfort on my injected arm but the 2nd dose made a quite an impact.

The effect started exactly 24 hours after the 2nd dose.

I had my shot in the evening around 3pm. When I woke up the next day, it was just that recognizable discomfort on my arm. Later on in the afternoon, I felt some body ache. A mild one cause I was still able to go to work. I was still able to joke around. But things got worse later in the afternoon. Coincidentally I had to wear the PPE as I had to take some PCR samples from suspected people with Covid-19. throughout the sampling I was OK but after – I felt like I had been hit by a lorry. That is the expression somehow Malaysians use when they describe severe muscle pain. Not that they’ve been hit by one and survived anyway. Or is it a universal expression? I don’t know.

My body was heating up. I had to use my kids paracetamol since I couldn’t find an adult tablet. After my shower, I felt stiff as in I just want to lie down on the bed and watch Youtube (hehe..). And so I did for about half an hour. After that, I went to the kitchen to cook dinner in slow motion. I was dying for a home cooked meal even though I am not a terrific one at it. I managed to cook up a spread of Basmathi rice, scrambled eggs with mushroom, fried chicken and vegetable soup. After the meal, I continued to lie on the bed stretching my body like a kitty cat and ended up having an early turn in for the night.

I wanted to report the symptoms on Mysejahtera but found out that the button is not available. Not to find fault with it but more of a notification so that the vaccine provider could collect this data and analyse the stats. This means I need to report it on the website under consumer vaccine report. I woke up this morning feeling better though. Even the discomfort on my arm has worn off. I guess the worst part of the 2nd dose is over.

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