Malaysia, 2nd place in global ranking for Covid19. Syabas.

Malaysia is ranking second in the world after India for the number of Covid19 cases in the country. Honestly, everyone is suffering from a pandemic fatigue right now. Even the most law abiding citizen has had enough. If you ask me, apart from asking the people to abide to the SOP’s, the ones who should play an important role to make it happen without compromising the economic wheel of the country, are the bosses.

Boss kan yang decide how to run their place. Boss kan yang boleh buat decision pasal siapa datang kerja, berapa gaji bagai. Boss kan yang boleh pikir macam mana nak teruskan pencarian rezeki tanpa mengorbankan staff dan resources. Ni tak, asyiklah nak salahkan kerajaan. Cause you see the non managers in the company, they don’t make the rules. And yet they are caught between the fear of contracting C19 and losing their jobs. If they feel secure with their jobs, surely it allays part of their anxiety in facing the pandemic. Tapi tuhlah, we cannot expect everybody to play the game fairly. Sebab ada je yang tamak haloba.

MCO 3.0 was announced recently. It seems that stricter SOP’s are in place concerning the opening times of stores, petrol stations and other facilities. Even delivery services have a curfew to follow. Judging from the press conference, it seems that Malaysians still need instructions or command from the authorities in how to live in the new norm. Macam tak boleh nak inisiatif sendiri. When will they learn that in times like this, the world does not evolve around them per se… but it’s a social responsibility to keep all members of the community safe and healthy.

You can bring the horse to the water, but you cannot force the horse to drink it

You can put all sorts of SOP in place, but you cannot force the public to follow it – unless compounds are in place.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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