The first few days of the menstrual cycle

Women experience the first few days of the menstrual cycle differently. Once I got over the PMS period, I would usually feel more relaxed and motivated to set my life straight, something like this huge burden flowing out of the uterus! I try not to give in to PMS but often, there is always something that gets on my nerves. Usually, work-related or husbands behaviour. For example, if I am not having PMS, I can tolerate those dirty dishes he left behind in the sink. During PMS, I cannot help it – I want a divorce!

However, a decade of being married to this 1.8m tall Malaccan man, taught me to rein my angry horses, keep calm and isolate myself. From the husband and the kids. So I wouldn’t regret saying things I don’t mean to all of them. I choose not to join them watching Netflix in the family room. I needed to harness my irritability wisely.

I cleared the fridge, threw away leftover food that has been in the containers for over 3 days, washed the dishes, wiped the tables, folded the many baskets of laundry and kept them away. As for my husband’s clothes, I put them on the spare bed in the guest room. He can look for his clothes, underwear and socks there since he can’t seem to keep his own wardrobe tidy. I don’t feel like doing it for him. Hate Mode is still at 50%. I took another shower around 930pm after all the sweat of doing the house chores. I switched on the air conditioner in the living room (I don’t give a shit if the bills go up – husband is paying for my misery), made myself a cup of tea and resumed my reading of Almond. It is a translated work of a Korean author that ARMY’s discovered from the programme BTS IN THE SOOP. Both Namjoon and Yoongi were reading it. I got influenced of course. I wonder if there is a new ‘book exposure’ in the second season.

Managed to finish the book the very same night and posted the feat on Weverse. I had 2 cheers out of the many possible millions of ARMY. Haha. By 11pm, I was calmer although I have kind of ‘deactivated’ my FB account at the time. I guess the blood flow helped a bit. Gosh. I also listened to loops of Over The Horizon by Suga on Youtube before bed. The Ally Mcbeal in me was playing the guitar part like a star!

I reactivated my FB account the next day. That would be today. HAhaha. The husband has already departed for work 187km away. He will be back in a few days. I think my mental health would be better when he comes home. In the meantime, I am continuing to keep the house in order. Decluttering the sofa, checking on my fresh fruit and vegetable supply. Paying my bills and daycare fees on time. I even have time to upload preloved books on my Shopee bookshop. Feel free to visit Moon Chamber – my 2nd hand virtual bookstore. If my energy keeps buzzing, I might do a voiceover recording and upload it on Fiverr or one of those buy me coffee sites.

I am halfway through editing my silent vlog for Youtube – I just need a few more footage. It should be up in the next 2 weeks. Well, that sounds very energetic and focused. It may happen or may not as I might just channel that motivation into mopping the kitchen floor in a few days.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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