PTD-LA has ended

First, I was not there. But I can feel the joy from miles away as I scroll through IG looking at the lovely photos and videos. I have to say, overseas ARMY is damn extra. Love it! Their outfit is so on point and some even went to the concert for all the 4 days. Like .. what???? How’d you guys have so much money?? I guess it proves that the purchasing power in the United States is higher in comparison to us in Asia. Not surprising though. I am just glad that they have so much fun.

I also love the fact that BTS spent some time after their concert on Vlive to connect with K-ARMYs (or any Korean speaking fans). They took turns to be on live streaming so that their fans wouldn’t miss them too much. That’s cool.

To be honest, even if they come to Malaysia for a concert in the distant future, I don’t think I will be able to attend. So, please, keep the online streaming option open. Always. And more subtle merchandise for older ARMYs. The kind where there’s no obvious bias name on the thing. Something more tiny tan-ish or BT21-ish. So we could give each other nod’s of recognition when we bump into another ARMY.

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