Being fans and stans – drawing the line

A.R.M.Y went wild when BTS members created their individual official accounts on Instagram. I was equally elated. Management was saying that it was an avenue for them to express their individual artistic elements and personality. Which is great!

Naturally, when you have more than 10M fans around the world, there will be toxic ones lurking around on these social media platforms. Trying to justify their digital presence and footprints as proof of fandom support. Some of my least favourite fans or fans include the;

Fanstagram creators

I am ok with fanstagram. These accounts tend to compile photos or clips from various resources and upload them on their feed. They tend to have names that resemble the artists themselves which are Ok, cool, it’s fine. To have fan account names like treatyoongiwithkindness or iamlikesugainreallife is to me, still OK. As it is glaringly a fan account. Recently though, I have discovered new accounts that take stanning too far. Out of respect, these accounts should not have the same profile picture as the original account. They also shouldn’t have account names that are similar to the original artists – where they are making changes only in a single alphabet or adding a few symbols on the handle. That is just rude digital mannerism.

The extreme OT7 supporters

OT7 without a doubt! But you shouldn’t go as far as criticising A.R.M.Y who may prefer to follow a few members on IG simply because they are keener to know the artistic progress of that particular member. As for myself, I am keen to know what RM and Suga are up to cause I love their work and persona more! does this mean I hate the others? Of course not. It’s just a personal choice I make so that on top of BTS, I could also see other people’s feeds that I follow on IG! It doesn’t help to make a post and compare the followers for each member. OT7 after all, have achieved more than 10M followers on their account- even if they’ve only posted one picture on their IG.

Media manipulators

Especially the photoshop experts. I totally get that we like to root for couples in the industry or wish for a couple to exist. It gets a little bit too far when you start editing images of stars that looks too intimate with each other. It’s just, inappropriate. I was stunned when I saw an edit of Jung Kook (BTS) and Rose (BP) on one particular IG account. It weirded me out. I wonder how these artists would feel if they stumble upon the images.

Digital mannerism, content plagiarism are things we learn as we go. It is difficult enough to abide to the rules in the academic world. What more within the realm of entertainment. Artists and fans needs to foster a symbiotic relationship to make it work for both parties. The artist in earning a living and the fans filling their void to become happy.

3R : Read, Reflect, Respond

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