It seems that strawberries are in season in South Korea. BTS Jin gifted SK’s favourite chef, Fuxtom with some during his visit to a strawberry farm. Then, there were a few SK Youtuber’s making videos surrounding the fruit’s theme. It seems that South Korean’s take on strawberry is different from Malaysians. Indeed, a friend who travelled to the country said that their strawberries are bigger and sweeter than what we have here. No wonder SK’s love them so much.

The strawberries I buy in the supermarket here is a gamble. Although it has the prettiest red and pinkish hue, most of them taste sour. Even then, I would still buy them as I kept on hoping that I would get lucky with a sweet one.

It reminds me of a toxic relationship sometimes.

Knowing that most of the time, you’d be treated like crap and yet you stick to it because you’re still hoping for that one moment that you’ll be a queen in his eyes. Although it will never come.