Stay Alive

When Suga produces music – you need to hear the track with earphones. I mean he has those collections of speakers for a reason. Headphones or earphones capture the different elements in the music better. This is why I am super obsessed with them because I want to listen to the tunes at their best. You could hear what you don’t normally hear using just your ear lobes.

When ARMY said that Stay Alive was fantastic, I knew that listening to it in my car via Bluetooth over the normal car speakers won’t cut it. Indeed, the track is purrfect with headphones.

I haven’t read the webtoon as my time is consumed by other activities. Surely it is already out. It is a webtoon, right? Anyway, when I hear this song I imagined an entity (have no conforming gender or species kind of living being) in the wild forest staring longingly at the moonlight. And that moon is gonna be one helluva gigantic moon sitting behind the silhouette of a mountain. That entity is the one who should stay alive. For very very important reasons.