My PROOF album is here

My parcel from the Weverse Shop is finally here. The PROOF album is finally here and I was wishing very hard that I will get some random Suga pic or something and I got his signed SOEM code card. I also got a Jungkook and a J-Hope. Both the golden maknae and golden Hyung. I feel so lucky. Have been listening to a lot of ‘Hope World’ lately. It lifts up the mood for the whole week. Of course, we also have pics of the other boys too. But can never beat the feeling of scoring a Yoongi card.

I was elated.

I was over the moon.

I was gushing with happiness.

It was a very euphoric experience to pull out such a cute card from the album. I mean Weverse, how did you guys know???

I cannot wait for the weekend when I can focus fully on flicking through the photos and immerse myself in the music. I am aware that we can stream their music on Spotify but to own something so monumental in a boyband’s career is sooooo.. ummphhh.

I recorded a longer unboxing video and planning to compile it into my Special Suga episode on YT.

FESTA BTS 2022 – to watch list

I haven’t watched it because I am still finding that 1 hour-no interruption time to watch it properly. But I have seen snippets of the video on Instagram. I think it is good for them to take a step back (not breaking up) to grow as an individual and become better in their chosen career. I like how an ARMY puts this event as a time for ARMY to become better people in the coming times. To also take the opportunity to grow and become better ARMY’s to support these gentlemen.

So yeah, while they do their thing… I could also invest some emotions and brain cells into my studies, work, family and self-worth. BTS is not totally off the radar as they did say they will film Run BTS from time to time. It would be fun to watch it again. I am sure we will still have JK’s mini concert once in a blue moon.

We can always stream their songs, listen to their CD, watch their clips on Youtube and of course follow their updates on Instagram (please don’t leave IG, Yoongi). We’ve got merchandise, right? That should be comforting too. My Suga collection is growing, I could feel a Suga Special on YT coming. I did not manage to get Suga’s notepad though. That’s a bummer. Grrrr..

BTS will still be around. Lurking somewhere.

If I can survive the times when fans (read: me) say goodbye to Cliff Richard, Take That, Spice Girls, NSync and Whitney Houston – this BTS break will be OK.

Dah sah2lah ada byk benda lagi aku nak buat muka bumi ni.. ha ha ha

Stay Alive

When Suga produces music – you need to hear the track with earphones. I mean he has those collections of speakers for a reason. Headphones or earphones capture the different elements in the music better. This is why I am super obsessed with them because I want to listen to the tunes at their best. You could hear what you don’t normally hear using just your ear lobes.

When ARMY said that Stay Alive was fantastic, I knew that listening to it in my car via Bluetooth over the normal car speakers won’t cut it. Indeed, the track is purrfect with headphones.

I haven’t read the webtoon as my time is consumed by other activities. Surely it is already out. It is a webtoon, right? Anyway, when I hear this song I imagined an entity (have no conforming gender or species kind of living being) in the wild forest staring longingly at the moonlight. And that moon is gonna be one helluva gigantic moon sitting behind the silhouette of a mountain. That entity is the one who should stay alive. For very very important reasons.

I guess I am an Unnie Army?

Paulo Coelho loves them too!

BTS did not happen overnight. I believe it took them years to get them to where they are today. I wasn’t a fan of them before cause I didn’t really knew they exist. The only KPop group I knew back then was 2PM and TVXQ. I loved heartbeat from 2PM and as for TVXQ, I bought their album. I bought Kang Gary’s Lessang CD too. I heard of Super Junior and Shinee but I didn’t really enjoy their songs. The girls group I knew of back then were A-Pink and Girls Generation – that’s it. Then, there was IU – South Korea’s favourite nation sister. I still love IU – she is so versatile.

BTS somehow never appeared on my search for good KPop songs. Until last year.

I was intrigued how a song called Dynamite could get so many views in such a short period of time. I watched it and just like that, I was hooked. Half a year later into the Covid19 pandemic, I upgraded myself as a baby army. An unnie but baby army. Of course, apart from binging on Vincenzo Cassano, I watched old clips of them on Youtube. Their appearance on variety shows, their dance practices, their trips to god knows where – all of them were entertaining. It felt like going back into my adolescent years – adoring seven young men who don’t really know Minci. ha ha.

As in any boy’s group, one must have a bias. Thing is, I keep switching from one person to another cause they’re so likeable. Even then, V still appear at the bottom of the list. Sorry, unnie kureng minat sama mu. The ones topping the lists are RM, SUGA and JIN. Haih.. nampak sgt taste are-kak are-kak kan… Undeniably, JungKook is the golden maknae. He is very talented. Unnie will put you in the list in 2-3 years time.

Kenapa RM – sebab dia ketua, sis mudah terpesona dengan orang yang berkarisma. And takes care of this team members. He is trying his best all the time. Penat jadi dia sebenarnya. So yer.. minat orang yang diligent camni.

Kenapa Suga – he reminds me of myself actually. I would want him to become my best friend if we were studying or working together. We would just enjoy each other’s company in the same room doing our own thing, tak perlu bercakap hu ha tapi connection tuh ada. It seems that we are both almost always tired. Not that energetic amidst the more active young members but is still able to soak in the experience. In my case, it would be the very active and talkative colleagues at work. I am a bit quiet at the clinic but I still enjoy listening to the conversations and banter among the people at my workplace. Participation je tak berapa. Ha ha. Kerja masih jalan though. Rajin. Kreatif. Buat hal sendiri. Macam Suga. Ha ha.

Kenapa Jin – if I meet a person with this personality, I would also want to make him/her one of my close friends. He is the oldest member of the group but behaves like one of the youngest. Ok, now he sounds like me. Ha ha ha. Even then, he always has his friends best interest in mind. Dahulukan kawan. Jaga hati kawan dan adik2. Generous. He is not the best dancer in the group but he gives his best all the time at any performance.

The thing about being in the Hyung line is that, akan sampai satu masa.. you will want to leave it all. Cause your priorities will be different by then as you age up. When will that happen? I have no idea. Any clues of any Kpop group who are still doing their thing in their 30s? I wonder what will happen to the Army’s then.. there will definitely be a huge outcry.

Recently, BTS Meal was launched in Malaysia. There were nuggets with special sauces. I was not up for it but I went on a Shopee Spree and bought some T-Shirts and hoodies online. I even purchased one a T shirt that has Suga’s name on it. Nampak tak are-kak minat sgt teww.. I have some watches and water bottles in my Shopee cart but I will click to order say, next month. I am contemplating on getting those BTS bomb lights but am waiting for the impulsive urge to die out first and see if I still want it in 2 months time. It’s because I’m not quite sure what I could use it for. They should consider making those mini fans merchandise that I could use in my consultation room. Ha ha.