IU at Cannes Film Festival

Can I just say she looks gorgeous? So gentle and poised. She radiates class! Loved her outfit and the pieces of jewellery that came with it. Something unfortunate happened though. She was ‘shouldered’ by an influencer at the event – apparently a rising makeup artist? The act was caught on camera. I was curious and watched the video.

Source : allkpop.com

The clip, it showed the lady making her way through the crowd earnestly. Stomping with her heels, eyes forward towards someone. It was of course a festival packed with people. You would expect people to be squished together at a distance of less than 1 metre from each other. Knowing that, wouldn’t you be more careful as you make your way through the crowd. Wouldn’t you be muttering an ‘excuse me, thank you’..’can I pass through, thank you’ to the people around you. It was kind of obvious from the video that the influencer had no intention to be mindful of her actions. She just wants to bulldoze her way through the crowd to get to where she wants to be. So, the person she decides to shoulder could be anyone actually. It was just unfortunate that she did that to SK’s nation sister, IU.

one of the comments on the video wrote : IU be saying “welcome to hotel de luna”

Netizens were quick and eager to give her a scolding which resulted in an apology from this influencer. Konon insaf tapi sebenarnya tak kan. She offered to do IU’s makeup, yes? My advice to IU is NO, DON’T. She wouldn’t know how to accentuate your facial features well based on how she does her own makeup. You are not her target market.

Anyway, IU being IU – she probably forgave the lady.