The Cupid Song

The catchy tune is everywhere on Instagram grabbing attention all around the world. Recently, there were claims that this song was plagiarized from a Turkish song? To be honest, I would not be surprised. Big companies, big names – they get away with taking other people’s work, making little tweaks and calling it their own. Remember the Duck story?

Bloggers with more prominent names or famous news portals could easily pick up an ‘idea’ in the form of an article from a small-time blogger and also call it their own. The small-time blogger would probably be unaware of it unless the piece is widely circulated or is being made known by their blog readers.

So I am interested to see how this accusation will unfold – plagiarism or not.


IU at Cannes Film Festival

Can I just say she looks gorgeous? So gentle and poised. She radiates class! Loved her outfit and the pieces of jewellery that came with it. Something unfortunate happened though. She was ‘shouldered’ by an influencer at the event – apparently a rising makeup artist? The act was caught on camera. I was curious and watched the video.

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The clip, it showed the lady making her way through the crowd earnestly. Stomping with her heels, eyes forward towards someone. It was of course a festival packed with people. You would expect people to be squished together at a distance of less than 1 metre from each other. Knowing that, wouldn’t you be more careful as you make your way through the crowd. Wouldn’t you be muttering an ‘excuse me, thank you’..’can I pass through, thank you’ to the people around you. It was kind of obvious from the video that the influencer had no intention to be mindful of her actions. She just wants to bulldoze her way through the crowd to get to where she wants to be. So, the person she decides to shoulder could be anyone actually. It was just unfortunate that she did that to SK’s nation sister, IU.

one of the comments on the video wrote : IU be saying “welcome to hotel de luna”

Netizens were quick and eager to give her a scolding which resulted in an apology from this influencer. Konon insaf tapi sebenarnya tak kan. She offered to do IU’s makeup, yes? My advice to IU is NO, DON’T. She wouldn’t know how to accentuate your facial features well based on how she does her own makeup. You are not her target market.

Anyway, IU being IU – she probably forgave the lady.


I don’t understand Korean but my guess is audiences are supposed to vote as to who the real singer is. I came across this video because I was searching for HwanHee “Missing You” on youtube since the song was replaying itself in my head since dinner. I had thought it was sang by 2PM. I was wrong. Hwanhee and his duo buddy Brian, I think , were the original singers.


HwanHee is Singer No 3.

All 4 singers have almost the same tone and voice. But once the true star is revealed – I think we kinda get the picture why HwanHee became popular and not the other 3. When in fact, all of them have very good vocals. So what sets HwanHee apart from the rest of them?

What sets a specialist apart from a chronic Medical Officer with the same years of service? What sets a boss apart from his/her underlings? What sets you apart from copycat versions of yourself?

Good things need to come in a good package for it to stand out. It can be a little package but it has to be special. Hwanhee started off as a duo. He then took a leap of faith and did what most KPop stars opt to do – plastic surgery. A new hunky look combined with that million dollar voice – he was on the road to success. Hence, it takes more than just talent. Success begs for sacrifice, hard work, persistence, grit and that sprinkle of luck from the universe. The other 3 contestants too had a beautiful voice but perhaps it was the road they chose in the first place which affected the time for their debut which made all the difference. Perhaps it is just not their time yet. Who knows if we will see Singer No 1 shine in 4 years to come?

Similarly, it takes more than just good brains to study to become a specialist. One needs to have that XFactor. Perhaps the right time as well. Therefore, to each their own.

This video also taught me that everyone has a competitor. And is replaceable.  If for instance Hwanhee decides to be lazy and not work hard, it would not be impossible for Singer No 1 to fill in his shoes and take on the center stage. Singer No 1 could always work on the persona later but the voice is replaceable. So do not be comfortable. Too complacent with your existence if now you are at the top. Keep working hard. Keep inspiring. Keep improving. Keep being you.

Or one day you will be a relic. An antic. Old fashioned or part of ‘orang lama’.